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Enoch the Therapy Donkey Retires Age 25!

Over 100 people attended a celebration on 10th June to mark The Donkey Breed Society’s Golden Jubilee and also Enoch the donkey’s retirement at the grand old age of 25, following 17 years of service as a therapy donkey.


Although it didn’t stop raining, the event was a great opportunity to bring donkey enthusiasts together and Enoch’s guests had a wonderful afternoon meeting him and his fellow therapy donkeys. They were able to learn more about the Donkey Breed Society (DBS) and enjoyed Enoch’s scrumptious cake provided by Mollichaff Donkey. The Chair of The DBS, Rosemary Clarke, gave a humorous talk on 50 years of the DBS and Enoch’s foster-owner, Ann Slater, gave a talk about the wonderful work Enoch has done throughout his career and this was followed by the local vicar blessing all the donkeys.

The raffle and silent auction were well-supported as was the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust stand and The Donkey Breed Society’s stand selling donkey-themed merchandise.


Enoch was presented with an eye-catching blue bucket full of donkey treats. The wonderful celebration reunited old friends and new friendships were also formed.

Enoch has just five public appearances to fulfil before he starts his full retirement. He will still be saying hello to school groups visiting Bryndafydd but his days of going out to visit are nearly over. He will be at Carmarthen Park on 17th June meeting children at a community day, followed by Llandarog Show on 24th June, to support the donkey classes which they are running for the first time. On 3rd September he is at The Big Cwtch Family Music Festival and will then be flying the flag for senior donkeys in the Veteran Donkey class at Llansawel Show on 9th September. His final public outing will be at the Lluest Horse & Pony Trust Open Day on 17th September, before his relaxation begins in earnest.

Over his career, Enoch, who is fostered from The Donkey Sanctuary, has touched the lives of thousands of adults and children through his visits to nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, schools and youth projects. He will now hand over the reins to fellow donkeys, Polo and Cariad, and miniature Shetland pony, Robbie, at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy, in Carmarthenshire, Wales, who will continue on with the great work done by the group which is run by Enoch’s dedicated foster-owner, Ann Slater.


Said an emotional Ann: “I will miss working with Enoch but I’m so looking forward to sharing his retirement at home.”

“He’s my best friend and the most special donkey ever.”


The donkeys at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy are all fed on Mollichaff Donkey – a highly palatable, complete feed which is low in sugar, starch and energy and is suitable for donkeys, mules, ponies and horses that are prone to laminitis. When fed at the recommended levels, it needs no further supplementation other than good quality forage, or it can be used as a total forage replacer.

MolliChaff Donkey

For further information on Mollichaff Donkey or for advice on feeding your horse, pony, donkey or mule, please call the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527274

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Mollichaff Donkey Continues Sponsorship at Llansawel Show


We are to continue our sponsorship of the donkey classes at the annual Llansawel Show for 2017.

The winners of each of the donkey classes will receive a bag of Mollichaff Donkey – a highly palatable, complete feed formulated specially for donkeys and each competitor will also receive a free sample of Mollichaff Donkey for their animal to try.

The Llansawel Show has seven donkey classes this year including the usual breed and fun classes and is a very popular event with all the usual horticultural, craft, cookery and livestock classes and takes place at Llansawel in Carmarthenshire on 9th September 2017.

Many people do not realise that donkeys require a very different feeding regime compared to horses. They are desert animals and in their natural habitat they have evolved to survive in some very harsh environments and will therefore browse much coarser, fibrous herbage than horses, eating little and often. They have a much lower energy requirement than horses and can easily become overweight, therefore lush pasture is best avoided.

Mollichaff Donkey is specifically formulated for donkeys and is low in sugar, starch and energy and contains a balanced blend of dried grass, fibre pellets, oat straw and soya oil with camomile, mint and lemon balm. It also contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement which includes limestone and magnesium.

MolliChaff Donkey

Donkey Breed Society’s Golden Jubilee Celebration Special Guest

Enoch the Therapy DonkeyThe Donkey Breed Society will be welcoming a very special guest to its Welsh Members’ Golden Jubilee celebration on the 10th June.

Enoch the therapy donkey will take pride of place at the top table in a final public appearance before his well-earned retirement, having made over 250 therapy visits in his lifetime.

Over 25-years-old, Enoch, who is fostered from The Donkey Sanctuary, has touched the lives of thousands of adults, teenagers and children through visits to hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and youth projects. He currently heads up a team of animals at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy which is sponsored by Mollichaff Donkey – a specialist complete feed formulated for donkeys and produced by HorseHage, the well-known bagged forage manufacturer.

Enoch is now in the process of handing over the reins to fellow donkeys, Polo and Cariad, who will carry on his good work all across Carmarthenshire, West Wales. They will also be assisted by Robbie – a miniature Shetland pony, who is a recent addition to the therapy team, having been rescued from near death by Lluest Horse and Pony Trust. All three equines will now build upon the excellent reputation established by Enoch, enabling him to relax and enjoy his retirement although he will still stay with Ann Slater at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted therapy and continue to greet youngsters taking part in youth projects at their base.

Proud foster owner, Ann, is therefore planning a retirement send-off befitting of this very special donkey.

Commenting on her work with Enoch over the years, she said: “I will miss working with him so much …particularly in very sensitive areas such as ‘end of life visits’ where I’ve been privileged to witness some intensely moving and poignant moments. These have given me great comfort knowing that Enoch has brought such joy to an individual at the end of their life and that really is something very special”.

The Golden Jubilee and retirement celebrations kick off on Saturday 10th June in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. Attendees will be able to meet Enoch and Polo and learn more about the Donkey Breed Society; The Donkey Sanctuary and Enoch’s therapy work. The afternoon will also include a raffle and the chance to win a fantastic ‘Donkey Experience for Two with Enoch and Friends’ and the opportunity to shop for donkey-inspired gifts and crafts. Enoch will even have a birthday cake sponsored by Mollichaff Donkey (for his human guests, of course!)

The donkeys at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy are all fed on Mollichaff Donkey – a highly palatable, complete feed which is low in sugar, starch and energy and is suitable for donkeys, mules, ponies and horses that are prone to laminitis. When fed at the recommended levels, it needs no further supplementation other than good quality forage, or it can be used as a total forage replacer.

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The Calming Effect from Mollichaff Complete

Horse owner, Lynn Proctor, found herself in a dilemma with her 17.2hh Irish Sports Horse mare, Snorty.

10-year-old Snorty, who had previously been evented by Lynn’s son before Lyn took up the reins, struggled to keep her weight on throughout the winter. The summer was no problem as there was plenty of grazing.

Snorty’s winter regime saw her turned out during the day and stabled at night and she was fed unlimited, good quality haylage. Lynn had tried Snorty on various feeds including feed balancers but none worked to keep her weight on. Lynn also had Snorty’s teeth and worming regime checked by her vet but this wasn’t the problem.

March 2016 Before

But Lynn knew that Snorty was easily stressed and wondered if that could possibly be the reason for the lack of weight gain.

She had seen our advertising for Mollichaff Calmer Complete and so decided to give our Helpline a call for some advice.

  • Said Lynn: “I spoke to a very helpful lady who was in a very similar situation


  • regarding taking on her daughter’s horse. She listened and asked lots of questions
  • which resulted in her recommending Mollichaff Calmer Complete. She advised me to
  • try it for three months and to report back.



  • Mollichaff Calmer Complete is a fibre-based complete feed which is specially
  • formulated for nervous or excitable horses and ponies. It contains a balanced blend
  • of fibre pellets, oat straw, dried grass, herbs (including camomile, lemon balm and
  • mint), soya oil, vitamins, minerals, limestone and trace elements and it can be used
  • as the sole bucket feed when fed at the recommended levels, alongside good quality
  • forage.


  • March 2017 After

Said a delighted Lynn: “The results have been amazing! Not only has Snorty kept her weight and condition on over the winter but she is much, much calmer now, which means I am able to hack her out and I’m now having coaching sessions on her.”

Snorty After

We are thrilled to hear the great results Lynn has had  with Mollichaff Calmer Complete. Our range of three complete feeds make life so much easier for horse owners, as only one bag of feed is required – no balancers, supplements or other bags of feed – and because it’s a fibre-based feed rather than cereal-based, it’s a much more natural way of feeding your horse.

Mollichaff Calmer Complete

Emily King Joins Team HorseHage!

Emily King

We are proud to announce that young event-rider, Emily King, has been signed up as one of our sponsored riders and her team of event horses will be supported by HorseHage dust-free bagged forage.

Her mother, Mary, already a very valued member of our team, has been sponsored by us for the past 15 years and now Emily will join her as an ambassador for HorseHage.

Based in Devon, the King family could certainly be classed as eventing royalty. Mary has represented Great Britain at no fewer than six Olympics, spanning 20 years from 1992 to 2012 and has an impressive number of world and European medals to her name as well as being British Open Champion four times. She has also won the prestigious four star Badminton Horse Trials twice as well as winning at Burghley and Kentucky.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Emily, who is just 21 years of age, competed at her first event aged just 12 and represented Great Britain at the age of 15, finishing 7th overall. She won individual silver at the Junior Europeans in 2012, team gold in the Young Rider Europeans in 2015 and in the same year made her four-star debut.

HorseHage has been a long-standing supporter of Mary and we are delighted to welcome Emily onto our team of sponsored riders. We are sure it will be an exciting partnership. Our company is a family business and we value the strong mother/daughter relationship that Mary and Emily have, working together as a team but still keeping their competitive edge with each other. Having Emily join us seemed a natural progression and we look forward to watching them both representing Team HorseHage at future events.

Said Emily: “I’m looking forward to being an ambassador for HorseHage alongside Mum. I’ve loved eventing for as long as I can remember and growing up with Mum  being who she is and having the opportunity to travel with her to all the big competitions has fuelled my love for the sport even more! Our horses love HorseHage and we can compete in confidence, know they are getting a dust-free forage which helps to maintain a healthy respiratory system which is vital for performance horses to be able to compete at their best.”

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