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Bert Wins KBIS National Para-Dressage Championship

Our sponsored para-dressage rider, Bert (Roberta) Sheffield, was a popular winner of the KBIS Para-dressage Grade III Championship at the recent LeMieux British Dressage National Championships at Stoneleigh.

Bert was riding Double Agent (Darcy) owned by Frances Sheffield and scored an amazing 70.81% to take the crown.

Darcy was bought by Bert as a two-year-old after first spotting her as a foal in a picture, and unseen without a rug. But the gamble paid off and Darcy qualified for the Alltech World Equestrian Games in 2010 as a six-year-old at only her third show at Hartpury CPEDI with a Grade 1b rider,

Said Bert: “Darcy was fantastic today – she wasn’t fazed at all and handled the atmosphere very calmly. I was so pleased with the fluency of the test – it just felt right.”

Bert and Darcy

Bert, who has dual nationality and rides for Canada in international competitions, is currently ranked 2nd in the Para-equestrian Canada short list ranking and will finish this season 20th in the World FEI Para rankings. She is based in the UK in Lincolnshire and is on the Lincolnshire Elite Athlete Programme for 2014 as well as being Patron of Sport at Willoughby School, Bourne.

Said Frances Sheffield, Bert’s mother and owner of Darcy: “I am so proud of the pair of them!  Who would have thought that the gangly two-year-old Bert bought in 2009, that we turned out into the field with the Welsh Cobs would turn into such a superstar? Darcy is the perfect horse and Bert was so clever to see that from the photograph she first saw of Darcy as a foal on the Morgan Equine website, that this was the horse for her!  Darcy is only seven years old, and, after a break for both Bert and Darcy, we are looking forward to 2015 and all that brings, and then on to 2016 and Rio!   We have had a super week at the British Dressage National Championships – thank you to everyone.”

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HorseHage Feed Knowledge Award – How Much Do You Know?

HorseHage & MolliChaff Range

These days we have so much information at our finger tips but how much do you actually know about feeding your horse or pony correctly?

We have developed a ‘Feed Knowledge Award’ to help you learn more about basic equine nutrition and also the different products in our HorseHage and Mollichaff ranges and how they can benefit different types of horses and ponies.

Simply click on the ‘Feed Knowledge Award’ link on out website to access the questionnaire. It can be printed off to fill in and once completed, should be sent to:

Fox Feeds Ltd
Beaches Yard
Brent Pelham


All questionnaires will be marked and returned and those that achieve a pass mark of 90% or more will also receive a free certificate.

Our Feed Advisors are also very happy to come out to your local riding club or other equestrian group to give a talk on our products. We will also bring along free Mollichaff samples and a raffle prize.

To book a talk for your group, please call the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527257 or email

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Follow-up From The Alltech World Equestrian Games from Beth Langley

The Alltech World Equestrian Games - Beth Langley

Here we have the latest news from HorseHage-supported endurance rider, Beth Langley, recalling her experience in Normandy:

“Who would have thought that my little 14hh, 16-year-old Arab – the horse I started riding at 13-years-old – the horse that took me to my first World and European Championships – the horse that won me my first FEI medal – and the horse who was last year on box rest for a fracture, would arrive in Sartilly this August, fit and ready to take on the competition at the Alltech World Equestrian Games 2014!

“I still can’t quite believe it. One of my life’s goals was competing at World Equestrian Games and nothing could have been a better start to my senior career than doing it with Tissy!

“The course had suffered from torrential rain, which was putting a damper on a lot of riders’ race plans – but not mine. Tissy was built for a tough course. The ground conditions would slow the pace which meant with every drop of rain, my chances increased.

“We had decided to ride as a team, which meant forgoing individual rankings, forgetting about yourself and putting all your effort into getting your team mates around safe. The first loop went beautifully all five Team GB horses were within minutes of each other into the vet gate.

“We waited for our last horse’s time before leaving for the next loop and that is how the day went. It was a tough course out there and we needed each other if we were going to make it. Every inch of the way was lined with cheering spectators and we saw so many Union Jack flags, we couldn’t help but grin throughout!

“Unfortunately on the second loop we lost two riders to lost shoes. There was a minimum speed into the third vet gate and they weren’t able to make the time back, so the vet gate had closed before they could hope to make it. This left three riders, still enough for a team placing and we were slowly crawling up the ranks with the incredibly strict vettings taking out horse after horse.

“We left onto the loop as a threesome but it soon became apparent that one of the horses was tired and wasn’t going to keep up. We couldn’t keep slowing to wait as we too would fall below the minimum speed so it was with a heavy heart we had to decide to push on and leave them behind. That horse then retired out on course, it was a brave and very right decision as it saved him for another day.

“The route was getting muddier and stickier and as the tide came in on the beach we only had the deep soft sand to ride on. Tissy just kept on going. Our fellow team member was on a horse called Sam. It was only his first Championship and second 160km so Tissy took it upon herself to help him through.
“Out on the last loop, Tissy took quite a few horses under her wing. We kept finding horses at walk or their riders leading them but as my cheery little Arab trotted past I’m sure she told them to tag along because they perked up and tucked in behind.

“Tissy was amazing all day and I was so proud of her. It was the best feeling in the world coming over the line, with a Union Jack held between Anna and I.

“Unfortunately Anna didn’t pass the final vetting which left Tissy as the only GB horse to complete, and not only that but only 38 of the 166 starters made it. The course had taken out almost 80% of the finest endurance horses in the world.

“The Alltech World Equestrian Games was a testament to horse management as despite the tough course and number of eliminations, not one horse needed to stay in the treatment clinics and Team GB got up the next morning with five sound and happy horses. We couldn’t have asked for more than that!

“Tissy has now completed 15 FEI rides, five Championships for Team GBR and has never been vetted out at a vet gate. She’s a pocket rocket through and through!”

The Alltech World Equestrian Games - Beth Langley

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HorseHage – For A Healthy Horse… and an Easier Life!

The HorseHage Range

Your choice of forage for your horse or pony should be the most important dietary decision you make for them.

As the equine diet should consist of 70 – 100% forage, it makes sense to ensure that you opt for the best possible quality, and for a healthy respiratory system and to avoid conditions such as RAO, it should also be dust-free.

HorseHage offers several benefits to both horse and rider. It is dust-free and contains no additives, is consistent and fully guaranteed and comes in four different varieties so there’s a choice for all types of horses and ponies. It is lower in sugar than most hays and both the High Fibre and Timothy varieties can be safely fed to laminitics.

But as well as the health benefits to your horse, it can also make your life easier too.

HorseHage does not require any soaking or steaming. It comes in easy to handle small bales, but don’t be fooled into thinking this means less forage. Our bales are highly compressed to around half their original size and packed into double-skinned bags to avoid puncturing. This makes them very handy and ideal to fit into your car boot for transportation and perfect for taking to shows, but they still contain around 22kg of forage.

HorseHage splits really easily into wedges for netting up and there is usually no waste as the taste is relished by most equines and they will usually eat up. To slow down your horse or pony’s rate of eating, use a small mesh HorseHage Net to prolong eating time or use two hay nets, one inside the other. This will also help to relieve boredom when your horse is stabled. Choosing a high quality forage such as HorseHage may also enable you to reduce your horse’s hard feed by up to a third.

We are offering a free HorseHage Net with every four bales or more of HorseHage purchased (while stocks last). We have 500 nets to give away – but once they’ve gone, they’ve gone! Just keep your till receipt scroll down this page to 15th August news to find out how to redeem it for your free net.

Also check out our competition to ‘Win a Year’s Supply of HorseHage!

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HorseHage Announces Sponsorship Deal with Show-Jumper, Spencer Roe.

We are proud to announce a new rider is joining our team of sponsored riders.

Lincolnshire-based international show-jumper, Spencer Roe, is the latest member to join Team HorseHage, and his team of horses will be supported with HorseHage dust-free bagged forage.

Said Chris Tar of HorseHage: “We are very pleased to be able to sponsor Spencer – he is a young rider, rising fast in the BSJA rankings, and we hope that this exciting partnership will be a great success.”

Spencer rides full time as his profession, having spent two years riding and grooming for Andrew Saywell and then training under the watchful eyes of William and Pippa Funnell before returning to set up his own yard in Lincoln.

He began riding as a youngster but became really interested in show-jumping as a 13-year-old when his parents bought his pony, Just Be Ok, for 138cm classes.

He has represented Team GB for the past three years, from Junior and Young Rider Nations Cup Teams to winning his first 5* Nations Cup earlier this year.

Spencer currently has six horses in work, including his winning 5* Nations Cup ride, Wonder Why (Disney), owned by his mother, Mrs Sally Roe. Spencer and Wonder Why have been selected onto the Senior British team for the Alltech World Equestrian Games in Normandy later this month and the pair were also instrumental in qualifying the British team for the final of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Series in Barcelona in October, with an outstanding double clear in the Dublin Nations Cup.

Said Spencer: “I am very pleased to be joining Team HorseHage and realise the importance of feeding a dust-free forage such as HorseHage, as it can help keep my horses respiratory systems healthy, allowing them to perform at their best.”

Spencer and Disney

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