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Spring Feeding With HorseHage and Mollichaff

Spring Feeding With HorseHage and Mollichaff

Spring can be an important season for horse owners, with the competition season getting underway and the change in weather, which should allow many horses to be turned out. Adjustments may need to be made to feeding regimes to allow for changes in work and daily routine.

Whatever the time of year, though, good quality forage should always provide the basis of any equine diet. HorseHage offers four varieties of dust-free bagged forage, with an option to suit all types of horses and ponies, from laminitics, which can safely be fed the Timothy and High Fibre varieties, to performance horses in hard work which require the optimum levels of protein provided by the Ryegrass or Alfalfa HorseHage

Good quality chaffs, such as Mollichaff, can help to bulk out the hard feed and by stimulating the production of saliva and slowing the passage of food through the gut, can help to promote good digestion and will satisfy a stabled horse’s psychological need to chew. There are several varieties and one that is very popular for the show season is Mollichaff ShowShine – a cherry-flavoured, high oil chaff.for the ultimate in show condition.

Our Mollichaff range also includes three complete fibre feeds for horses and ponies, which can be an economical choice for many owners in today’s financial climate as when fed in the recommended amounts, only additional forage is required. These complete feeds – Mollichaff Calmer, Mollichaff Condition and Mollichaff HoofKind -  are carefully balanced and contain all the minerals and vitamins needed. Mollichaff HoofKind is ideal for laminitics – a condition that can be very prevalent at this time of year.

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HorseHage to Continue with Sponsorship of BRC’s Volunteers Club

Master BRC Volunteers ClubWe are pleased to announce that we will be continuing with our sponsorship of the Volunteers Club within British Riding Clubs (BRC) for 2015. Local riding clubs are so important and without the help from volunteers, many shows and events that take place throughout the year would not be able to run.

Over 33,000 horse owners and carers are represented through BRC in over 490 clubs and centres which are affiliated to the British Horse Society (BHS). All disciplines from dressage to endurance riding are covered and the organisation offers training and assessments for all ages and abilities, aimed at improving the standards of horse care, riding and horsemanship skills through local and national programmes.

There are currently around 160 members in the BRC Volunteers Club. They provide a vital presence within the organisation, offering valuable assistance in organising and running BRC events throughout the UK.

One of the valued BRC volunteers helping out at an event

One of the valued BRC volunteers helping out at an event

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Nine Out Of Ten Horses Prefer HorseHage!

HorseHage Ryegrass 2013We recently  conducted a survey of horse and pony owners and the findings were impressive.

Our primary research established that 92% of owners in our survey said their horse or pony preferred Ryegrass HorseHage to their usual forage.

The survey also showed that 6% of horses surveyed showed no preference. The majority of the horses and ponies surveyed were usually fed on hay and a small percentage on haylage.

All the owners surveyed rated the quality of HorseHage as very high or high and 100% said they would recommend HorseHage to a friend.

HorseHage dust-free bagged forage is available in four different varieties and comes in a highly compressed bale. It is never re-bagged and does not contain any chemical additives. Because of the fermentation process it goes through in the bag, it is lower in sugar than most hays and the High Fibre and Timothy varieties are suitable to feed to laminitics.

HorseHage is produced with the optimum moisture content for horses of between 35 and 45 percent through strict quality control throughout the production process and has FEMAS NOPS BETA certification which ensures it is manufactured from specifically-grown grass and alfalfa leys with a high regard for feed safety, consistent quality and full product traceability.

It allows you to feed naturally, in the knowledge you are providing your equine friend with a top quality, high fibre product that he/she will relish without any wastage.

For further information please call the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527257

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Roberta Sheffield to Compete at CPEDI3* in Doha, Qatar

Roberta Sheffield to go to CPEDI3

Our sponsored para-dressage rider, Roberta Sheffield, is to represent Canada at the Al Shaqab CPEDI3*, Doha, Qatar in March.

Roberta (Bert), who is based in the UK, in Lincolnshire, will compete the eight-year-old Anglo European mare, Double Agent (Darcy), owned by Frances Sheffield, in this prestigious invitation-only dressage event. The Donnersohn mare was bred by Suzy Mainprice, who will be accompanying Bert to the event along with Canadian Para-Equestrian National Team Coach, Mary Longden.

Said a delighted Bert, “I am so excited to have been given this amazing opportunity.”

“What a way to start this exciting year. We have been working so hard over the winter to prepare for this coming season. I never dreamt it would start in such a glamorous way. Thank you to the organising committee for inviting me and making this opportunity possible.”

Bert’s dressage horses all enjoy HorseHage dust-free bagged forage.

“I couldn’t manage without HorseHage. I feed both the Alfalfa and Timothy varieties. Its high fibre, low sugar content keeps my horses’ heads in a ‘good place’ while still giving them energy to maintain condition and strength. They love the taste and have a wedge instead of a lunchtime feed. This builds flexibility into their routine so they can be worked morning or early afternoon and when we are away at shows they don’t have to miss a meal as they happily pick at their Alfalfa HorseHage net in the lorry. One of my horses is not a good-doer and quite a fussy eater so it is important to optimise the nutrition he gets in every mouthful, and Alfalfa HorseHage fits the brief perfectly!”

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Millbry Hill Whitehaven Wins National HorseHage Retail Display Competition

Millbry Hill Whitehaven Wins National HorseHage Retail Display Competition

Millbry Hill Country Store at Whitehaven in Cumbria picked up the prize for our national competition for the best in-store/window  display of HorseHage.

Store supervisor, Kaye Stanley, designed and set up the winning display and was presented with the prize – a cheque for £500 – by Karen Howarth from HorseHage.

Kaye, who is based in Sellafield, has worked at the Whitehaven branch of Millbry Hill since it opened six years ago, and is responsible for the marketing and merchandising of the equestrian products in the store. She rides and used to compete in dressage and still has two horses of her own – both veterans – her first pony and an 18-year-old Thoroughbred.

There were entries from all over the UK and the competition was judged by our sales teams from all three regional producers of HorseHage.

Said Debbie Harris, National Sales Manager for HorseHage: “Kaye’s display was a unanimous favourite with us all.”

“As well as being eye-catching, giving our brand maximum exposure in the store, it absolutely promoted the message of fibre providing the horse’s ‘central heating’ during winter and was focused completely around our brand and our point-of-sale items were used very well.”

Said a delighted Kaye: “I really enjoy doing retail displays and the competition was a great incentive.”

“At this time of year, forage and fibre is a good place to start your winter feeding regime and its importance is often overlooked.”

Kaye took part in our free staff training scheme and found out about the competition through Karen, the HorseHage Sales Representative calling in at the store.

Said Kaye: “Some of the money will go back into merchandising…but we did all get a good night out too!”

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