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June 2011

Cassie’s Column – June 2011

Negotiating a fordEnjoying-a-drive-out-with-David
Driving with David

“I’m so excited to be writing my diary for Horsehage and I really hope that it is of interest. I will be keeping you updated with what the horses and I are up to and also how I am getting on with my veterinary science course and any other horse related adventures along the way! I am also hoping to show just how fantastic Horsehage and Mollichaff are at providing for varying diets and different conditions – including the demands of my three!

So, here we go….
I’ve just finished my second semester of exams at university and the last few weeks have been hectic with revision. I had six exams in total and I’m so glad they are now done. Unfortunately for the horses, this has meant they have taken a bit of a back seat – although I actually think they enjoy exam time a lot more than I do!


Poppy’s joined Weight Watchers…
Poppy has been going well and our dressage is really improving. We have regular lessons in this area as neither of us particularly like it so we massively benefit from the help and encouragement of our enthusiastic instructor.

However since she has had a bit of time off, I’m now having to work a bit on her fitness again. She has also put on quite a bit of weight with all the good grass – I couldn’t believe it when I put the weigh tape on her! So I’ve swapped her onto David’s Mollichaff HoofKind along with her high fibre nuts as it’s not only good for laminitics but also good doers. I’ll put her back onto Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil once we get back up to full work.


David the Dude…
David is looking great at the moment. We tested him for insulin resistance which came back positive and so he is now on medication for this as well as his Cushing’s medication. This is an equine metabolic syndrome and recent research has shown it is one of the most common causes of laminitis.

I’ve just got back from taking him out driving and he was full of it! He is such a poser and gets a lot of attention when I take him out. I’m hoping to get him to a few driving shows and training days this summer as it’s such great fun. I can’t believe we have owned him for eighteen years and I am still planning shows for him. I think he often wonders why I grew taller and he never did – but he is most definitely still the boss!

Henry-gets-his-teeth-checkedHenry’s seen the dentist...
I noticed a trail of quidded grass (grass that has been ‘balled’ up in the horse’s mouth and then spat out) in the field leading directly to Henry, so I got Simon (my boyfriend, who is an equine vet) to have a look at his teeth. As Henry only has a few teeth left he tends to get ‘over growths’ where there is a missing tooth and the aligning tooth has nothing to wear against, so it gets overgrown which then causes a problem. However after a quick session with the motorised rasp we soon had this sorted and Henry can continue thriving off his Mollichaff Veteran and grass.

Summer of fun (and work!)…
After writing this I’m going to enter Poppy into her first event of the season as I have just noticed that Stafford is now open for entries. I can’t wait to get started with her. We also have lots of local stuff planned to build our confidence up as she still has a long way to go. Hopefully next time I write I will have a few results to share (fingers and hooves crossed!)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the first entry to my diary and with a long summer ahead I promise the next will be more action packed especially with all this nice weather!

Cassie, Poppy, Henry and David x