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May 2012

Cassie’s Column (May 2012)

Henry-looking-for-suitable-exit-spotI hope that you enjoyed the piece I wrote with Simon on Laminitis – it’s always a worrying time of year, particularly for owners of grass loving ponies like us!

I’m currently surrounded by books, notes, pens and paper engrossed in revision. My study looks a little like the aftermath of a hurricane!





Fantastic news for David!

Simon-with-DavidWe have finally been able come to a diagnosis and David appears to have turned a corner now and is doing really well. After many diagnostics and trialling a treatment – we can pretty much rule out anything of a neoplastic (cancerous) nature which is excellent news for him.

It appears that the long term use of medication is what has lead to his problems. Unfortunately it is quite a vicious circle, as without his medication he wouldn’t have had such a great past few years. So now we are looking into other ways to manage him.

It has become apparent since he has been unwell, just how many admirers that little pony has and everyone’s support has been really appreciated.

Everyone is also very grateful to Simon, Nichola Steele (another vet from Fyrnwy who specialises in internal medicine) and Andy Durham from Liphook Equine Hospital for all their time and help with him as he has by no means been a straight forward case!

There’s just no stopping Henry….
Henry has become quite a tinker recently. He seems to be a little bored and so has decided to show us that he’s still got it by occasionally jumping into the paddock next door! I try to get cross with him for it, but it’s so good to see him feeling well. I’m not sure what we would have done without Mollichaff Veteran.

PoppyPoppy’s got designer shoes….

Poppy’s back is better, but unfortunately whilst out hacking she got a little over enthusiastic and managed to injury her proximal suspensory ligament. Due to Poppy’s very long pasterns, at her age she is a little more susceptible to injuring this area. However, our fantastic farrier, Jim Blurton, was very quick to alter her shoes to offer her more support here. She’s also had shockwave therapy around the suspensory area so we should be back going soon, starting with controlled exercise.

Summer is looking exciting!
I’ve been really lucky to have been offered a lovely young horse to ride after my exams. This has come at a great time with the summer holidays coming up. He’s a five-year-old bay gelding called Rupert and is by the legendary Mill Law. Rupert is owned and bred by our local small animal vet, Sarah Goodsall. I can’t wait for exams to be over to get started with him. I’m sure Poppy will also enjoy showing him the ropes (just not the dressage!) I went to ride him this weekend and he’s a lovely, genuine horse – I think he is going to fit in really well.

Well, I better get back to revision. I’m so glad that David is feeling better so that I can concentrate on work a bit more now – it’s been a very tough couple of months for us all seeing him unwell.

Take Care,
Cassie, Poppy, Henry and a very lucky little David the Pony!