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June 2012

Cassie’s Column – June 2012

Exams are all done and I am now on summer break. (Although not officially a break as I am working a bit too!)

Unfortunately I fell off two weeks ago – so I have been a little lame since. Nothing too serious – torn calf muscle and a sprained ankle which are now on the mend.

Rupert’s progress


Rupert has settled in really well and is getting on with the others. Rupert was broken towards the end of 2011 and then turned away; he then had two weeks of schooling before coming here. So he is still very green and excitable!

Rupert is being fed on Mollichaff Showshine and, like Poppy, he seems to love the cherry flavour! It’s a great feed as it’s really palatable and makes their coats gleam. He is also having High Fibre Horsehage.
So far we have been doing lots of schooling, lunging and we have also started jumping! I’ve included a short video showing the first time he jumped, which was very exciting!

Rupert Indoor Training Video



Poppy is back in work again, although she came in lame from the field at the weekend and it turns out she has a foot abscess. I’m beginning to think she will do anything to get out of work these days!

What’s A Foot Abscess?
A foot abscess (also known as ‘pus in the foot’) is an infection in the hoof. This is often caused by a small penetration of the foot which leads to the formation of a pocket of pus within the hoof horn. It can be a very painful condition and the horse may not even be able to weight-bear on the affected foot.


A bounding digital pulse and warm hoof wall will often be found. The vet will then use hoof testers to localise the area of infection.


Once the area is localised, the foot will be pared – creating an opening for the pus to drain – instantly relieving pressure. A poultice will then be applied daily for several days to draw out any remaining infection.

I hope you enjoy the video I have included showing how to correctly apply a poultice.

Henry would like some sun….

Henry has been a bit grumpy with all the odd weather. Some mornings he puts up a bit of a protest in going out and would much rather stay in with his bucket of Mollichaff Veteran than go out in the rain. We try to get him out as much as possible otherwise his joints get quite stiff and then he really is grumpy! Once he’s out and realises he doesn’t get wet in his rug, he is quite happy!

David’s started work…

David is so much better! He has just started light work now. He lost a lot of muscle and weight and so I’m trying to slowly build this back up. We missed our local driving trials which I was really looking forward too – but just being better and eating again is worth more. David is not ready to start driving yet, but we have got him lunging and long reining. We have also walked him out in hand to accompany Rupert on his first few hacks around the lanes.

RUPERT-SnortOlympic News!

Simon and I have now both collected our uniform and booked our accommodation. The next step is to go for our venue specific training which will take place at Greenwich Park. Here we will learn more about our actual role and how the venue will run! I’ve got a variety of shifts which include some nights and also being on a fence on cross country day which I am really looking forward to!

That’s it for this month, I hope the weather is not ruining too many of your horsey plans!

Cassie, Henry, David, Poppy and Rupert