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September/October 2012

Cassie’s Column – September/October 2012

Poppy-1Sorry it has been a while since my last update, University has started again and it’s taken quite a lot to get back into commuting to Liverpool and also the studying!

Both Poppy and Rupert are now clipped and all ready for winter. They look super smart and both behaved impeccably, especially considering it was Rupert’s first time! Both their coats are gleaming, thanks to the delicious cherry-flavoured Mollichaff Showshine, which they love!

Poppy is now getting really fit. Her back is fine and she has developed a lot of top line which shows she is a lot more comfortable in work now. I’m hoping to do a bit of show jumping with her over the winter and Simon will also be hacking her out with me when I take Rupert out. I’m so pleased she is back to normal and looking so well.



Henry-2Henry is still going strong. We checked his teeth last week as he had started to quid his Mollichaff Veteran a little. I noticed some clumps of it around his bucket. This is quite unusual for him as usually it is only the grass he does this with. However after a tidy up and a rinse out he was once again eating fine. He doesn’t have many teeth left at all and nobody can really understand how he looks so well considering! We shall now be keeping a closer eye on him since the weather has become colder. When it gets really cold I tend to stable bandage Henry at night to keep his joints nice and warm and also offer some support when he’s getting up and down.

David-2David’s now up to walking out as much as possible. This is split between myself and Simon whenever we can manage to pop home or before and after uni. Slowly but surely, he is building his muscle back up, but it is going to take time after all that he went through. He’s also back to eating reasonably normally now and is feeling a lot more like himself. Especially in the field with Rupert – where they are both very playful. Fingers crossed we are on the right track with him!

Rupert has really grown up. He’s been out to lots of lessons and also some jumping practice. We have a dressage competition this weekend and I am hoping I can get back from uni in time for some evening jumping next week too. We really wanted to do our local Express Eventing competition but with the ground being so wet I didn’t feel we had prepared enough for the cross country and it would have been silly to rush things. He’s a really easy horse to do and have around, which makes it very handy when you don’t have much time! The one thing he hates, though, is having his hooves washed off. I seem to be combining lunging and feet washing in one at the moment, which is not out of choice! But this is all just part of growing up and everyday he is getting more tolerant of the water!

Rupert-oneSimon’s equine veterinary practice, the Fyrnwy Equine Clinic, held an Open Evening a couple of weeks ago and we were very pleased that HorseHage was able to attend. Rebecca from Horsehage got to meet Neptune Collonges – the guest of honour!

I was fortunate to be helping the vets at Weston Park Horse Trials recently and in a break got to meet Mary King. She was lovely and I would highly recommend her book. It’s a great read and also a great excuse not to be studying!

Well I better get back to my uni work, I’m writing this in between lectures alongside trying to learn my dressage test as a bit of a break – I’d much rather be at home with the horses, even if it is raining outside!
See you next month, and in the meantime – Happy Clipping!


Video of Rupert in action