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January 2013

Cassie’s Column – January 2013

Happy New Year!
This month has been so much better. Although it still hasn’t really sunk in that Henry and David are no longer with us, it does feel slightly more normal now and looking back it really was the best decision for both of them.

Rupert meets… Oliver Townend!

I was really fortunate to be able to take Rupert to a clinic with Oliver Townend. Rupert started off very fresh and to begin with did not really know how to react. Sometimes he can be a little bit anxious in the warm up arena and doesn’t quite focus on work. Because of this I am trying to get him out to as many things as possible at the moment. Oliver was not at all fazed by this and offered to lunge him for me which soon did the trick! So Rupert’s claim to fame is now that he has been lunged by a celebrity rider!

TrainingInsideOnce he had settled he did everything that was asked of him and although he put in a few naughty naps, he jumped nicely. Oliver thought he was ‘super talented’ and really liked him, so Rupert, Simon, Rupert’s owner Sarah and I left feeling very pleased. Rupert, I’m sure, was desperate to get home to a very intrigued and somewhat jealous Poppy to tell her all about his new celebrity friend!

Getting quite into dressage…

His dressage is coming on really nicely. He’s now doing lateral work and is quite the show off. We were due to attend a clinic and a competition this weekend but it was called off with all the snow. So he’s had a couple of days off as it’s too dangerous to ride where we are. I’m so chuffed that all my hard work with him is really starting to pay off already!

Poppy fancied some more time off…
Poppy had a bit of a ‘mad moment’ in the field at the beginning of the month (she seems to know when my uni holidays are!) and aggravated her old suspensory injury. She was forced to have a little bit of time off but is now back to ‘controlled’ hacking again. I’m going to trot her up for Simon later (if the snow has cleared) and hopefully we will get the all clear to start jumping. She hates time off and gets quite moody when not in work. Little does she know what I have planned for her!

lookingoutThe feed room…
I’ve been really lucky that I’ve hardly had to increase their feed at all this winter and they are both looking so well. They are both thoroughbreds so it’s a bit of a knack to keep the condition on without putting too much energy in the tank! They are both on Mollichaff Showshine which is cherry-flavoured, mixed with high fibre nuts fed twice a day. Poppy can’t stand cold water and so gets some warm water added to her feed to keep her happy. Forage-wise they are both on High Fibre Horsehage. The small bales have been fantastic during the snow – it’s so easy to carry the hay to the field that way. As it’s baled in really small compact slices I also find they don’t spread the hay around the field too, which keeps our landlord happy!

I’m back to uni next week and all the hard work starts again. I’ve still got quite a bit planned with the horses though too. Rupert will be continuing his dressage lessons, as well as attending another arena eventing clinic in February and I’m hoping if I ask Simon nicely he will take us to some evening show-jumping when he is not on call. Poppy will hopefully finally get to start jumping too and I will hopefully have passed my exams!

I think 2013 is going to be a very action-filled year for us!

All the best,

Cassie, Poppy and a slightly starstruck Rupert!