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December 2012

Cassie’s Column – December 2012

A very sad month for us….

It’s been quite difficult to write this because a lot has changed over the last month. Unfortunately at the beginning of December we had to say goodbye to our very special pony, David. As you will know if you’ve been keeping up to date, David had been battling illness for a short while and we thought we had turned a corner with his treatment. However with all the bad weather he took a turn for the worse and started to deteriorate, which lead to us having to put him to sleep. David was suffering from the human equivalent of bowel cancer which had progressed, leaving him little chance of beating it.

A few weeks later, came even more devastating news – Henry, who had also started to become very weak and was struggling to even eat his Mollichaff Veteran, suffered a bad bout of colic. We were unable to get him up in his stable and again, after all of us trying our best, including Henry, we had to make the horrible decision of putting him to sleep too. He did so well to get to his age without many problems and it was such a shock to lose him too.

It was with the help of Mollichaff Veteran that Henry was able to continue for so long, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone struggling to feed an older horse as it can be used as a complete hay replacer and is great for horses that are dentally-challenged and can’t manage long stem forage.

It’s been a tough few weeks, having to say goodbye to two amazing horses that are deeply missed. They were both such characters and taught me so much. The yard is very empty without them. I’m not going to write any more because I’m already crying!

Poppy has stayed strong…..
Poppy has had a tough time too, losing her two companions. She has been getting lots of fuss and attention as well as treats! I’ve tried to keep her fairly busy with work, but she still looks back for Henry when I turn her out in the morning. She’s a tough mare and very sensible and I’m sure she was grateful to have Rupert around.

Poppy’s back is getting lots of topline now and she’s getting very fit! In January she will start doing some jumping with the aim of taking her to some local arena eventing and show-jumping competitions in the spring as she really enjoys these. She is also used by Simon who is still a fairly novice rider for hacking and she likes this!

Rupert has tried to keep everyone smiling…
Rupert schooling over fences

Rupert has been an absolute star this month! He too, was quiet, especially after the loss of his field mate, David. Although I think he picked up quite a few of David’s habits over the months they were together – such as leaning over the fence to get to the better grass, nudging and harassing Poppy!

HenryI’ve also kept him very busy. He has done a couple of farm rides which included some cross country schooling. He’s really progressing with his dressage and his jumping is really coming on. We are right on track for next year’s eventing season and I’m really pleased with how he’s doing.

Well, that’s it for this month. What a change to last time I wrote. It’s been a horrible time really, but I’m just so lucky that I still have Poppy and Rupert (who have done their best to keep me busy!) and lots of fantastic memories of Henry and David which I will never forget.

Best Wishes, Cassie, Poppy and Rupert x