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September 2014

This month has been both very good and also very frustrating…

Rupert’s been on rest

Poor Rupert managed to pick up two injuries meaning that he’s had to have a much quieter month. He presented as being lame after the Area 20 team jumping competition. The day hadn’t gone very well with Rupert being not himself at all. In our second round, I jumped the second fence and was so busy deciding whether to pull him up because he didn’t feel right, that Rupert took things into his own ‘hooves’, locked onto fence nine and jumped it! Well that was it, we were eliminated! It really was a good job actually, because it turned out he had agitated the area around his tendon and also had a soft tissue strain in his foot.  So he had a couple of weeks off, lots of cold therapy, bandaging and after what seemed like months (it was weeks!) he was able to gradually come back into work.

He missed the MIDARC championships, which I was gutted about as having been Reserve Champion (7-year- old and under) last time, I felt he was ready to return and win the Champion sash! However it’s really been a blessing in disguise because it has given me lots of time at home to get his dressage much stronger, particularly his walk and transitions which can sometimes be a little tense. I’m hoping we can fit one last event in at the end of the season, but there is no hurry and if he’s not ready it’s no big deal.  I have to say though, I have massively missed doing as much with him and I hate seeing his sad face when the trailer leaves without him!


Patch steps up!




Patch has been incredible this summer! He’s come on a great deal. He started off the month by scoring 70% in our second BE100 test at combined training, but I forgot our jumping bit and so we did not get to complete the competition. I had him entered for Bold Heath one-day-event  but we made the tough decision to withdraw him as the weather had been horrendous and we were worried about the ground there and also towing in the predicted bad winds.  His next outing was at the MIDARC Champs – we had to ride two tests, judged by different judges and then have our scores combined. I went feeling a little worried, as dressage really does scare me and with our class having 16 strong entries that had qualified, I wasn’t expecting much. Patch really stood out as a big gangly TB in comparison to the others there! Our first test went surprisingly well and I was pleased. Our second test was good, but Patch jogged a little in the walk movements.  When the results were announced, I couldn’t believe it – we had come 4th! I was delighted as that really is a big achievement for us!

Next he went to an Express Eventing competition where he put in a great double clear in the 90cm – he picked up some time faults as I insisted we take it steady, and placed 5th. We then sealed off the month with a fantastic day at Llanymynech Horse Trials, where Patch did a 38 dressage (he incorporated a buck, squeal and a jog!) and then went double clear in the 90 to finish 12th. So all round a very progressive month for Patch!



Poppy meanwhile has decided that after watching Patch and Rupert practicing their flatwork that she is feeling a little left out – to the point that every time I ride her at the moment she puts herself into a lovely outline! This would usually take me around twenty minutes to achieve! She’s also been feeling a little too well again as on two of our hacks recently she’s put in some very excitable bucks at the start of the canter paths! I suppose I can’t complain though, although I need to stop questioning whether she’d like to go eventing again – two is more than enough to keep going and I think her happiness is down to her relaxed and fun life at home.

That’s it for next month, as you can see from the photos the horses are all looking fab at the moment and what they have been eating has definitely played a big part in this! Patch and Rupert are now both on Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil, which they love. It provides a medium level of energy and contains no molasses but lots of soya oil. Poppy, who is not in quite as much work, is just fed a small amount of Mollichaff Showshine which is flavoured with cherry, and which she also loves. It has kept her coat lovely all summer. People think I bath her all the time, but actually it’s just the Showshine making her coat look smooth and shiny!

Next time I’m hoping that all three will be clipped and ready for the dreaded winter!

Cassie, Poppy, Rupert and Patch