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Spencer’s Blog – May 2019

Spencer Roe

“Things have progressed quite a bit in several ways since my last update.  I am very happy to report that I had a super winter tour in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain at the annual Sunshine Tour. I am proud to say that the young horses are really coming along as well. I have said goodbye to some horses this year as they start their next chapters with their new owners, and am getting excited for the up-and- coming string of horses that are proving their worth.

“Let’s rewind. Last you heard we were preparing to head off to Spain. My girlfriend, Adrienne Dixon, and I both took three horses each, six in total. I had two horses competing in the young horse classes and my main horse, Wonder Why, to jump in the weekend classes. Adrienne took one young horse of mine as well as one for the weekends, in addition to one of her own for the weekends too. It made for a perfect balance, having three young horses and three older horses. We were never crazy busy nor were we ever bored. Between the long travel down there and the hustle and bustle of the horse show environment, it is crucial and so helpful that I have the support of HorseHage to keep the horses feed program consistent. Being able to keep their forage and feed the same at horse shows and at home makes for a very smooth transport and acclimatisation wherever I go. If you have not been to Sunshine Tour, I highly recommend a visit as it is hands down one of the best show-jumping facilities in all of Europe.

“Gambler B ,who is now eight years old, had a fantastic tour, really stepping up to the 1.40-1.45m classes under the direction of Adrienne. They had several good placings and he ended up getting sold. It is bitter sweet to see this one go but we are excited to see what he will do in the future. Personally, I was most pleased with the progress of my six year old horse, Itamorkus (aka Bear) during the tour. Of the six horses we took with us, he was definitely the most green of the bunch having only ever attended one or two horse shows as a five year old. He qualified for the six year old final which, in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting him to do being as green as he is. The final was big (1.35m) and technical and I opted to retire, as it wasn’t fair to ask so much of him. I am really looking forward to continuing to develop my partnership with Bear.

“After a successful tour, we returned back to Lincoln where the young horses were looking fantastic. There are two yearlings and three four-year-olds. Through the winter they lived on HorseHage, which I find really helps bulk them up. After working more than they ever have in their lives during the winter months (November-January), their bodies needed a break while we were away which gave their muscles a chance to catch up to the training we had done. When we returned home, they all now looked like mature horses and not young, gangly field ponies. They all picked up where we left off and are now confidently jumping under saddle. The foals are growing and filling out as well and I can definitely see the benefit of them being on HorseHage on a regular basis.

“Personally I am going through a bit of a transition phase with my riding and business. I have sold and leased out several of my older competitive horses and have to focus on rebuilding my string with the younger ones. Gusto (eight years old) was sold in January and is now successfully competing with his new owner on the international show scene. Gambler B (eight years old) was sold during the Sunshine Tour in Spain and looks to be jumping fantastically with his new rider. Wonder Why has also left my stable recently, being leased out to an American rider to continue competing on the international circuit. I am at the crossroads where I need to rebuild and grow my current/future string myself or look for other riding opportunities, possibly riding for someone else at another stable. It is a tricky phase for any rider and at some stage everyone does have to go through it. These are just the hurdles of the business.”