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Spencer’s Blog – December 2018

“Things have been busy at the yard to say the least. I’ve started breaking in the three-year olds; my girlfriend has recently moved her horses here for the winter; we have a couple foals to manage, and are slowly getting the older horses back in work after a bit of a break.


“The three-year olds are going very well and look great. I haven’t had to break in young horses for a couple winters now so I was a bit nervous what to expect with the few I have. I have three in total and a two of them are quite bold and have big personalities so I was worried I was going to have my work cut out for me. Luckily, they have all been super. I started with them on the lunge line, which they all caught onto quite quickly. After a few days at that, I put a bit in and a saddle on and just led them around the yard at first so they could get comfortable with the new feeling. Once they were comfortable with the tack, I tried testing the different gaits with tack on the lunge line, all accepting it very well. After a couple days at that I decided to throw a leg over them. I had my groom help me just get on in the barn and I walked around in the stable area.

Adrienne and foal

“With their new workload, it is important they keep their weight up during these colder months and that is where I really love using HorseHage. Plenty of forage is hugely important and the digestion of the fibre also helps to keep them warm. I am very pleased to say that they all look happy and healthy in this new phase of their lives.

Spencer and Adrienne

“My girlfriend, Adrienne Dixon, just moved her two horses to my yard after she completed a successful autumn tour in Vilamoura, Portugal. She also has a foal that has just arrived at the yard today from being weaned. We are both excited to partake in the process together as it has been a while for me since I’ve had a foal and she has never had one. It will definitely be a fun process.


“All the older/seasoned horses have had a well-deserved break for the last month or so. We have used the fields as much as possible, letting them relax and recharge during the dry days. They have all started back on the treadmill – some even twice a day to really maximize their fitness before coming back into full competition work. I think it is important that they get time off without someone on their back while keeping fit. That is what the treadmill is great for. With the fields getting wet as the winter seasons creeps in, the treadmill and feed program is crucial. Keeping the fitness up and the weight on during the cold months is important, and possible, thanks to the continued support from HorseHage.


“During December we will be getting all the horses, older and younger, into full work. That way when January gets here we can really focus on the fine-tuning in preparation for the Sunshine Tour in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain. We are hoping to take eight horses between Adrienne and myself. I am excited with the string of horses I have at the minute and am very much looking forward to a great 2019.”