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MolliChaff Complete


25) Match the diet to the horse: (4)

Horse a) 12.2hh overweight pony in light work

Horse b) 16.1hh novice eventer, tends to drop weight

Horse c) 27-year-old pony, not laminitic, struggling to eat hay, dropping weight

Horse d) Very sharp PC pony, holds weight fairly well

Diet i) Calmer Complete, Timothy HorseHage

Diet ii) HoofKind Complete, High Fibre HorseHage

Diet iii) Condition Complete, Ryegrass or Alfalfa HorseHage

Diet iv) Mollichaff Veteran, RyegrassHorseHage

26) Suggest a diet (including approx. quantities where relevant) for the following individuals: (6)

27) Name the product and give an example of the type of horse/pony it is suitable for: (5)


Scored out of 64 – 75% or more is the pass mark.