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Firstly I am sorry for the late update. I don’t really have any excuse other than work has been manic – but this is a good thing as I can report that our new clinic (Lower House Equine Clinic) is going exceptionally well. I didn’t imagine at any point that we would be as busy as we have been in first few months and, although I am absolutely shattered, it’s still a great feeling!

I have just about managed to keep the horses ticking over.

Patch has had some more dressage outings – we are really getting to grips with the novice tests now. I’ve even managed to get a couple of good marks for our medium trot work which is great for him.
His show jumping has also really progressed since I last reported. I think the flat work has been crucial with this as he feels a lot more balanced.

Cassie Autumn 1

Cassie Autumn 2

Bridle-less jumping on Patch

The highlight of the month (and winning the ‘Plonker of the Month’ Award!) has to be me travelling all the way to Southview Arena in Cheshire for a late night jumping clinic with Geoff (Billington) which I had organised as part of our riding club team training – only to find I had forgotten my bridle!

Not one to waste a jumping lesson, I decided to still take part in the clinic with Patch in just a head collar. I’m shocked to say that Patch jumped amazingly and I can’t explain how much good it did our confidence – it really made me trust him more. Not only that but we were pleased to provide the evening’s entertainment for the rest of the group and the spectators!

Three days later, we jumped at Southview as part of a team for our riding club. Patch jumped two great rounds, but unfortunately had one fence down in each. However our team finished a very respectable 8th out of 22 teams so we were all chuffed!

Cassie Autumn 3

A little rest for Rupert

Rupert has had some time off as he strained his sacroiliac (I think maybe messing around in the field) so I thought while I was busy he could have the time to recuperate. I have since brought him back into work and he feels great. He is now all clipped out and ready to go. I am hoping to make our return to BSJA in the next couple of weeks. I can’t describe how much I have missed it! He also seems to have really grown up now so I am looking forward to seeing his progress again over the winter.

Cassie Autumn 4

Poppy’s been on rest
Poppy sustained a kick to her cannon towards the end of the summer which I mentioned last time and so has also been on rest. There was nothing too major to report from the x-ray, but again we thought a bit of time out would be a good thing for us all at the moment. She hasn’t been clipped yet and looks really hairy – I think she is quite enjoying it!

A bit about work
I am really enjoying working in back in the practice. My day-to-day job is really varied which really suits me. This can include anything from admin work, to mucking out, assisting with lameness work ups, preparing horses for and helping with procedures and standing surgeries as well as care of the in-patients.

Cassie Autumn 5

Cassie Autumn 6

We have a really lovely team who work in the clinic and it’s a great place to be.
Next time I will write a little about an average day in the clinic

The Team from left to right Simon Woods, Cassie Woods, Jane Macpherson and Louise White

The Team from left to right Simon Woods, Cassie Woods, Jane Macpherson and Louise White

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