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July/August 2016

Cassie’s Latest Diary – July and August

I am sorry for the delay in my latest updates. So much has changed since I last wrote to say we were going on holiday…


A new venture

Simon and I decided to take a huge plunge and open up our own equine practice. This will enable us both to further develop our own careers whilst improving on the veterinary services provided in our local area. It was a huge decision, but certainly the right one – as since opening in August we have been absolutely flat out! Our new clinic is almost completed and we have registered a lot of clients, it’s very exciting. I shall update further next month once everything has settled down. In the meantime, please feel free to like our Facebook page: Lower House Equine Clinic to follow our progress.

We will of course be feeding any in patients to the clinic HorseHage and Mollichaff!


Patch the dressage star

I have somehow managed to find time to keep the horses ticking along whilst all of this has been going on. Patch has been a real super star, gaining some of his best scores yet at dressage. We picked up quite a few rosettes, which included his best placing to date with a score of 70.8% which I was so pleased with. His jumping has come on lots too since his boot camp and he really is feeling so well at the moment. We are aiming now to event at the end of September – I am hoping to fit a few in before the end of the season. My other goal is to compete at Elementary level before the end of the year – yes that’s right… I am setting dressage goals!

 Cassie Aug 2016



Rupert seemed to really get a lot out of his week at Geoff Billington’s while we were away. He came back looking super fit and feeling great. I haven’t done quite as much work with him this last month as I had hoped, due to work, but I have been slowly trying to build him back up, ready to get back to some BSJA.

For some reason, I lost a little confidence in jumping after a couple of falls this year, and so it was important that Rupert and I rebuilt our trust and got back on form before taking on any new challenges. As always, my lessons have really helped in sorting this out.

We had to miss the BRC Summer show jumping qualifier, which I was absolutely gutted about. Unfortunately I had flu shortly after our holiday ended and I just was not up to riding the two rounds or putting in the practice work in the week before. I decided to still go along and support the rest of the team, as well as doing a bit of lorry parking for the club!



Poppy thoroughly enjoyed having my friend’s horse, Kenco, over to stay for his summer holiday and the two of them certainly palled up whilst the boys were away. She unfortunately had a little kick whilst out hacking with a young horse which caused a little bit of bruising and so the quieter time for her was good timing.  Accidents often happen with horses and I think it’s really important to accept those risks when you go hacking with your friends. I have a really lovely group of local ladies who I ride with and we are all very supportive of each other which is lovely when things like this happen.

Late evening hack on Poppy

Poppy also was an exceptional patient/guinea pig for us when we demo-ed lots of equipment for the new practice. She has been scanned and x-rayed multiple times until we found the right machine. She’s happy to do this, and didn’t require any sedation which is even better. I am so chuffed with our new x-ray machine; it is totally wireless meaning that you don’t need any type of electricity to take an x-ray which I think is pretty amazing! Once we had chosen the scanner, the company asked if they could send a specialist in scanning over to take some good quality scans for this year’s British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) congress where they will be on display.

That’s all for this month, as you can imagine it’s a bit hectic at the moment – but at least I know that our horses are still looking fab without much grooming, thanks to the brilliant shine they get from Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil.