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September/October 2015

Winter seems like it is certainly here with cold mornings and dark nights. The horses are now all clipped and wearing their cosy rugs. Although with the sun still making an appearance, it is hard to know what rug to choose in the morning, a dilemma which the majority of my horsey friends seem to be having!

Going it alone….

The horses are all going well! I have just had a very busy weekend. It started on Saturday with my first solo outing with Rupert – which was a little nerve wracking! We went to a jumping lesson and survived, this time I was more worried about the transport than the activities Geoff had planned for us.

Cassie with the other team members Vicky Robson and Elspeth Carr

Cassie with the other team members Vicky Robson and Elspeth Carr

Sunday we were part of the Intermediate Show Jumping Team for our riding club held at Reaseheath in Cheshire. My driving on Saturday must have met Rupert’s requirements, as he bounded up the ramp for an early start as we headed off to Nantwich. It was a little daunting going to a show on my own and I certainly missed the luxury of having a driver, groom, photographer (aka Simon!). However it was nice having my team mates around for support.

Our team was a member short, with other teams having four members and using their best three scores to place, so with just the three of us, the pressure was on, but luckily this took my mind off my second solo outing! The course was up to height and quite technical. Rupert was a little intimidated in the spooky arena, but put in two nice rounds and our team ended up finishing in 4th place, so overall a good day.

Rupert's selfie at the Area 20 Intermediate show jumping qualifier coming team 4th

Rupert’s selfie at the Area 20 Intermediate show jumping qualifier coming team 4th


Poppy has a new rider

With winter meaning less horse riding hours available, I was very excited to hear of a friends’ friend looking for a horse to hack a couple of times a week. I offered her Poppy and so far, so good! Eileen has been hacking Poppy two or three times a week around work and Poppy seems to really be enjoying it. Eileen is a small animal vet, and is originally from Ireland – she seems to get on very well with Poppy so hopefully this will continue.

Poppy September 2015

After feeding Poppy on Mollichaff Veteran for a couple of months now, I have noticed a big difference in her. She was starting to get a little stiff all round, but since starting this feed I have noticed an improvement in this. She is not on any other joint supplements and is still in the same amount and type of work. So I am very pleased that we made the decision to use this for her. It is formulated especially for older horses and ponies and contains linseed oil which is a rich source of essential fatty acids, including Omega 3 which can help in the nutritional maintenance of arthritis and inflammatory skin conditions and help optimize the immune system.


Patch’s progress

Patch has been continuing his good form. We have started to increase his jumping and his topline is looking really good. He is able to work through his back much more effectively now. We have a winter of dressage and jumping planned for him in preparation to event in 2016. I had wanted to try and do an event this year, but my gut feeling was that he wasn’t quite ready and needed more work. I think this was the best decision, and with the end of season ground not really suiting him, I am confident that being patient was the right decision.

Patch after dressage

He is currently trying a new saddle made by Harry Dabbs. It’s called ‘The Future Saddle’. Having done a lot of work with the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre, they have been very helpful in fitting Patch’s saddle to help with his kissing spines. When looking into getting a new saddle, it’s really easy to pick one that appeals to you as the rider – I know I am guilty of it. This time I have really had to look at what would be the best for Patch, as fitting a saddle correctly with his back condition is crucial, and it has certainly made me a lot more aware of the benefits of a correctly fitted saddle.


Get your entries in!

Many of you will have seen current competition that Horsehage and Mollichaff are running to find a sponsored rider. I have to say that it is an excellent opportunity and the winner will receive feed and forage that really is of such a high quality. As well as this, I don’t think you could find a friendlier equestrian company to work with, so get entering because opportunities like this don’t come around often!

That’s all for now