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July 2015

July seems to have been and gone very quickly. A lot has happened and July 2015 will always be a very special time for me.

So here goes…. I got married, I went on my honeymoon and I graduated all in one month! It was pretty manic! I can’t believe that I have finally finished university and got the certificate to prove it. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of determination, but finally it’s over.

While we were away the horses were looked after by our friend, Karen, who did a fantastic job! The house and yard were spotless on our return and the horses were all happy and relaxed – she had even washed their rugs!

I decided that after uni I would have a well-deserved break which has been lovely. However it’s meant that Rupert, Poppy and Patch have been really busy.

Patch is now back in full work

Patch during hand walking

So last time I told you all about his box rest and lunging, but now I am back on board. I was a little nervous getting on him, but like a true gentleman he was impeccably behaved. His back is feeling great and he certainly seems to be enjoying being back in work. I started off with hacking, just walking and then lots of trotting. Then we started schooling – just lots of big shapes to begin with.

After a while, we had our first dressage lesson. Our trainer, Sarah, couldn’t believe the difference in him. We then went to riding club dressage to do a prelim test and he scored 66% I was amazed! He has now started jumping and his fitness is really coming back. I am still confident we will event this season – I can’t wait!

Rupert the show jumper

Rupert training with Geoff Billington

Rupert has been out doing some affiliated jumping.  He can be quite a spooky horse so it’s been a little bit of a shock to him jumping in some bigger arenas, but he has coped very well! He is jumping British Novice and 95cm Opens at the moment and going very well. I always say this, but it’s true… most times we take him out people comment on how shiny his coat is. This is all thanks to Mollichaff Alfalfa Oil.

He has also picked up two unaffiliated wins this month show jumping too – he really is on form at the moment. He is progressing in his lessons with Geoff and we have started to work on adjusting strides and turns to help us get more accurate rounds when doing affiliated classes. I have included a video to show the type of exercises that we do with him. They are really good for control and accuracy as well as rhythm but also they seem to be keeping him super fit!

Other good news is that Rupert and I recently achieved our NAF 2* award for show jumping and riding.


PoppyPoppy is a little bit of a lady of leisure at the moment. She spends her days bossing the boys around. She decides each morning which field SHE would like to spend the day in, by cruising over the fence into the field of her choice once I have turned her out! There is not a lot I can do about this, but luckily it is on the internal dividing fences and not the ones into the neighbouring cow fields which are much bigger! I had a little play over the show jumps at the beginning of the month on her and she almost jumped me off… so I think we will just stick to hacking with the odd fallen tree to jump instead. Poppy has recently changed onto Mollichaff Veteran, which has gone down very well. With her being 19, and with the winter (dare I say it!) approaching we thought it was time to change her onto a feed more suitable.  Mollichaff ShowShine with its delicious cherry flavour has done a fantastic job of keeping Poppy in tip top condition and her coat gleaming and I was reluctant to change, but with all its added extras and having experienced the results myself I know that Mollichaff Veteran is the right choice for her now.

We have also had two guests this month, in the form of two lovely racehorses enjoying their summer holidays with us. They are both very sweet and have settled in very quickly.

So that’s all for July

Take Care

Cassie, Poppy, Rupert and Patch