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June 2013

Cassie’s Column – June 2013

I was really glad to have finally finished my exams so that I could get on with earning some money and lots more riding!

It does not seem like that long ago that I wrote my last update, and I’m really not sure where the last month or so has gone – I must have been too busy to realise!

Poppy at the pub

Poppy’s new hobby…

So with Rupert and Patch busy learning dressage tests, Poppy has found a new hobby that she particularly seems to like – pub rides! We have been doing lots of hacking, that has included some very leisurely stops at the pub (for coke!). I’ve been out with some of my friends and also Simon and it’s become a bit of a regular feature in Poppy’s schedule! She’s going so well at the moment – last week we did a 9.5 mile hack and I think she would have quite happily gone around again!

Patch at Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club ODE

Patch makes his debut…

I finally felt Patch was fit and ready to make his first outing since having his back treated. He looked very smart plaited up and definitely rose to the occasion. For those of you that have read my updates, you will know that dressage is not my strong point, so much so that I ended up learning the wrong test for our event – I got the right test but wrong year. Luckily quite a few people had made the same mistake so we were given ten minutes to learn the right one. I’m not quite sure how I managed it, but I did and we did a lovely test – in fact my best yet! Perhaps I’m more suited to being under pressure!! The show jumping started off very promising, but poor Patch twisted his shoe and struggled with the final few fences. Shoe back on, and Patch checked by the vet (Simon!) and we did a lovely cross-country round which was clear and inside the time – I was chuffed! He felt fantastic. This weekend we have our second event which is a local pony club ODE, I can’t wait!

All this excitement has worn Patch out. I have included a video of him sleeping in his stable which shows horses really can sleep standing up!

Checkout Cassie’s video of Patcg snoozing over on YouTube here

Rupert showing with Simon

Rupert just loves jumping…

Rupert is still going really well. His flat work is getting better and better but his jumping is really ‘taking off’ now. We have started jumping 1m classes with ease, picking up many clears. I’m still not pushing him with jump offs because he can, at times, still be a little green – he thinks he knows best at all times! I’m in two minds whether to just concentrate on his dressage and show jumping now this year and event next year when he is a bit more mature, I’ll keep you updated!

Rupert went to Berriewood horse trials where it was all going very well until three quarters of the way around the cross country where he took a dislike to a fence on a bank! Although it gave us accumulated refusals, I was really proud of how he had coped with the rest of the day. We both went home happy and in one piece!

Rupert at evening show jumping

He also made his showing debut recently where he took first in-hand with Simon and second with me under saddle – not bad for his first attempt!

I went to see Rupert’s owner last week and she gave me a beautiful painting of Rupert at Berriewood horse trials which was a lovely surprise and is now in pride of place on our wall at home.

Saddle Fittings and Kissing Spines….

We have recently had the saddle company, Harry Dabbs, out to check the saddle fits on the horses. With horses that have kissing spines, like Poppy and Patch, it’s crucial that they are as comfortable as possible in their backs. Having a well-fitted saddle means the horse is able to move more freely and therefore can build up more top line over its back. They have asked Simon and I to do some work with them into their research with kissing spines- we are very excited about this and looking forward to attending one of their training days soon. Rupert was also checked as he is still (believe it or not!) growing and changing shape – so I wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible in his work.

Equine Dentist

I don’t think I have mentioned before, but I am also an equine dentist – something that I have been doing for quite a few years now. I trained as an apprentice and I am hoping to take my exams to be a fully qualified equine dental technician soon. With starting uni, it did have to take a bit of a back seat but now I have some time off I am back out there seeing lots of horses.  In order to take the exam candidates need to have done an apprenticeship and obtained a large case log including some advanced cases which I now have. I have a lovely group of clients that have stuck with me through my hectic uni schedule and I’m really looking forward to doing their routine work over the summer. I’m also in the process of making my own website – but it’s taking a while!

That’s all for this time, I’m now off to muck out and ride and most probably get very wet!

Cassie, Poppy, Rupert and Patch

Checkout Cassie’s video of Patcg snoozing over on YouTube here