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Work Experience

Just before HorseHage National Sales Manager, Debbie Harris, and Equine Feed Advisor, Rachel Hornby, were due to set off for Your Horse Live for four days, they were talking to 11-year-old Georgia Hopkins, who kept her pony at the same livery yard, and she told them how much she would love to come and work on the HorseHage stand. So HorseHage decided to make a little girl’s dream come true this Christmas by inviting her to spend a day with them on the HorseHage and Mollichaff stand at the South West Christmas Equine Fair. Here is Georgia’s story in her own words:

“My name is Georgia. I am 11 years old and live in Paignton in Devon. I have been 
riding for just over four years, I have an amazing pony called ‘Bardic Doodlebug’ (or ‘Dude’ to his friends). He is a five-year-old 12.2hh, bay Welsh/TB. We love going on long hacks, fun rides, show  jumping, cross country, hunting, WHP and doing lots of Pony Club stuff.”

Georgia Bacon

“In Dude’s first few months of showing, he qualified for Cricklands where he came 1st, 4th and 5th. It was an amazing experience and we would love to go again this year. We also came 1st and 4th at Totnes Show. Must be something I’m feeding him…Mollichaff Hoofkind!  My goal for this year is to do BSJA.”

“I was so pleased when one day Rachel from HorseHage gave me some signed pictures of Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, but very envious that she had got to meet them while she was working for HorseHage at Your Horse Live. I told her that I wanted her job as she gets to go to all the best horsey events and meet lots of famous riders! Little did I know that Debbie had decided to try and make my wish come true!”

“One Saturday morning Rach and Debbie surprised me with the news that they had arranged for me to come and help them out for the day on the HorseHage stand at the South West Christmas Equine Fair in Exeter. WooHoo! I was so excited!!”
Saturday 8th December 2012.

“I met Rach and Merv at Marksway HorseHage headquarters in Marldon at 8am. Rach handed me my uniform – a smart, green hoodie embroidered with the Mollichaff logo and also a badge with my name on. We jumped in the car and went to pick up Debbie before heading off to Exeter. Debbie had a Michael Buble Christmas Special CD playing so we had a sing-song along the way.”

“We arrived at approximately 8:25am and found our way to the Horsehage and Mollichaff stand and got everything in place. Debbie and I left Rach and Merv to start filling the sample bags whilst we went to the café and got the bacon rolls! Once we had finished our lush brekkie, we were ready to face the wild public at 8:45am when the doors opened.”

“At 10am I had to head down to the arena with Debbie to give out 2nd prize in the class ‘Strictly Showing’ – 13.2hh and under. They handed out some amazing prizes like clippers and numnahs and as HorseHage had sponsored the class, the winner also received five bags of the Mollichaff of their choice too.”

“At around 11am, Rach and I had a little peek around the stalls seeing what to spend our money on. One stall gave us a free dog advent calendar as one of the 
windows had been opened and eaten!”

“When we got back to the tradestand, I filled the sample bags and helped Merv with topping up the sample feed bags as we were running low. Wow! Time had flown by and it was lunch already! We let Debbie and Merv go to lunch first and kept working our socks off. It then became very exciting as I had learnt quickly and I was allowed to serve some customers. When Debbie and Merv came back, Rach took me to get some lunch. I had some chips and we sat down in the Exhibiters Area and it was so quiet that Rach was falling asleep! After lunch we snuck off without Debbie and Merv knowing and raided the Celebrations tin on the TopSpec stand – they always have nice sweets!. We wandered around the other stands and I spotted a fleece rug that I wanted for Dude but they didn’t have it in his size.”

“It went quiet on the stand later in the afternoon so Rach and I went to watch Tim Stockdale in the arena and left Debbie and Merv in charge. Tim was riding an 18.2hh horse called K2 who was a Six Bar Challenge Champion and made mincemeat of the top hole fences. He was amazeballs!”

“At 6pm, sadly it was time to pack up and go home. We jumped in the car and headed off, chatting about the great day we had all had together. We dropped Debbie off at home and then went back to Marksway Horsehage to drop Merv off and pick up Rach’s car. We hopped into Rachel’s little sports car and made our way to the stables to meet mum – I couldn’t wait to tell her all about my amazing experience.”

“Thank you to everyone at Horsehage and Mollichaff and especially to my work colleagues, Debbie, Rach and Merv for a fabulous day that I will remember forever.”