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Gleam in the Show Ring with Mollichaff ShowShine!

Mollichaff ShowShine

MAKE sure your horse looks his best for the summer show season by feeding MolliChaff ShowShine from HorseHage – a high-oil chaff for ultimate show shine.

MolliChaff ShowShine is a cherry-flavoured feed providing a delicious taste and smell to ensure it is highly palatable for even the fussiest of eaters.

It is made from the highest quality oat straw that has been chopped and dust extracted, and it is naturally high in fibre.

To give extra bloom to the coat and that added condition required for show horses and ponies, or poor doers, Mollichaff ShowShine contains a unique coating which combines high levels of soya oil with low sugar molasses. Limestone is also added to provide additional calcium for healthy growth and stronger bones.

Mollichaff ShowShine will add extra fibre to hard feeds, and can be mixed with concentrates to prolong feeding time and aid digestion by stimulating the production of saliva. The extra fibre helps prevent bolting and reduces boredom while your horse is stabled. It can also be used in place of hard feed if fed alongside an all-purpose vitamin and mineral supplement or feed balancer.