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Competition Convenience with HorseHage!

Spencer with Wonder Why

HorseHage makes the perfect partner when it comes to making your choice of forage to take to competitions.

It is very convenient for travelling as it’s highly compressed into half its original size and packed into handy sized bales which are heat-sealed and double-skinned to avoid puncturing. They can be stored outside or on a roof rack if necessary.

It splits very easily into wedges for netting up and because most horses and ponies truly relish the taste, there is rarely any wasted.

HorseHage is a dust-free, pure product and contains no artificial additives and comes with a 100% quality guarantee. It is the only haylage-type product to have FEMAS NOPS certification which means it is produced following the current best practice to minimise risk of contamination from naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) and is made from specially grown leys with a high regard for feed safety, consistent quality and full product traceability.

It is available in four varieties – Ryegrass, High Fibre, Timothy and Alfalfa, offering an option for all types of horses and ponies with varying energy requirements. It is a consistent product and has a good level of moisture that will help reduce the risk of colic and dehydration during longer journeys.

Feeding a dust-free forage such as HorseHage is extremely important to reduce respiratory problems, especially in a tightly confined environment such as a horsebox, and to enable a horse or pony to perform at his best.

It can be fed in a HorseHage Net which is specially designed with a smaller mesh than a typical hay net, to prolong eating time and prevent your horse from becoming bored whilst travelling or standing in the box at shows. Always make sure it is tied high enough to avoid the horse’s legs becoming caught in it.

Said show-jumper, Spencer Roe: “The fact that HorseHage is dust-free and sealed is great for the health of my horses and especially useful as I’m constantly on the road. I also like the fact that there are four varieties to suit different horses’ requirements, so HorseHage is a must for my team now.”

HorseHage is the official forage supplier for the British Equestrian Team as well as The Horse of The Year Show (HOYS) and also the British Showjumping National Championships & Stoneleigh Horse Show.