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Roberta Sheffield to Compete at CPEDI3* in Doha, Qatar

Roberta Sheffield to go to CPEDI3

Our sponsored para-dressage rider, Roberta Sheffield, is to represent Canada at the Al Shaqab CPEDI3*, Doha, Qatar in March.

Roberta (Bert), who is based in the UK, in Lincolnshire, will compete the eight-year-old Anglo European mare, Double Agent (Darcy), owned by Frances Sheffield, in this prestigious invitation-only dressage event. The Donnersohn mare was bred by Suzy Mainprice, who will be accompanying Bert to the event along with Canadian Para-Equestrian National Team Coach, Mary Longden.

Said a delighted Bert, “I am so excited to have been given this amazing opportunity.”

“What a way to start this exciting year. We have been working so hard over the winter to prepare for this coming season. I never dreamt it would start in such a glamorous way. Thank you to the organising committee for inviting me and making this opportunity possible.”

Bert’s dressage horses all enjoy HorseHage dust-free bagged forage.

“I couldn’t manage without HorseHage. I feed both the Alfalfa and Timothy varieties. Its high fibre, low sugar content keeps my horses’ heads in a ‘good place’ while still giving them energy to maintain condition and strength. They love the taste and have a wedge instead of a lunchtime feed. This builds flexibility into their routine so they can be worked morning or early afternoon and when we are away at shows they don’t have to miss a meal as they happily pick at their Alfalfa HorseHage net in the lorry. One of my horses is not a good-doer and quite a fussy eater so it is important to optimise the nutrition he gets in every mouthful, and Alfalfa HorseHage fits the brief perfectly!”