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HorseHage Feed Knowledge Award – How Much Do You Know?

HorseHage & MolliChaff Range

These days we have so much information at our finger tips but how much do you actually know about feeding your horse or pony correctly?

We have developed a ‘Feed Knowledge Award’ to help you learn more about basic equine nutrition and also the different products in our HorseHage and Mollichaff ranges and how they can benefit different types of horses and ponies.

Simply click on the ‘Feed Knowledge Award’ link on out website to access the questionnaire. It can be printed off to fill in and once completed, should be sent to:

Fox Feeds Ltd
Beaches Yard
Brent Pelham


All questionnaires will be marked and returned and those that achieve a pass mark of 90% or more will also receive a free certificate.

Our Feed Advisors are also very happy to come out to your local riding club or other equestrian group to give a talk on our products. We will also bring along free Mollichaff samples and a raffle prize.

To book a talk for your group, please call the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527257 or email