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Mollichaff Condition Works A Treat For Troy!


Troy, a 16.2hh, nine-year-old Trakehner owned by Karen Freeman from Devon, always struggled to keep his weight on during the winter months.

Like many horse owners, Karen is busy working full time and spends any spare time riding and caring for her horse, who she has owned since he was just six months old, and her life revolves around him.

Troy Stocky

Feeding in the past had been quite a trial for Karen as Troy is a fussy feeder and she tried various products and supplements, trying to mix and match to get something to work but to no avail and he still lost weight, despite just being on light to medium work through the winter.

Then last year Karen visited our trade stand at Badminton so decided to explain the problem and see if we could recommend a product that would help Troy to build up some weight and condition.

The team recommended Mollichaff Condition – a highly digestible, high fibre, high oil and low starch mix, which can be fed as a complete concentrate feed alongside good quality forage.

It contains a balanced blend of alfalfa, dried grass, oat straw, fibre pellets, barley, soya flakes, soya oil and mint as well as Yea-sacc® and a prebiotic, plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Soya oil provides essential fatty acids to help improve skin condition and encourage a healthy, glossy coat. Yea-sacc® and a prebiotic help maintain a healthy digestive system, along with mint, which is particularly palatable to horses.

Said Karen, “The team at HorseHage were extremely helpful and advised me to get rid of all the different types of feed and supplements and just to feed six round scoops of Mollichaff Condition per day, split into a minimum of two feeds, alongside good forage.”

“At first I thought this sounded a huge amount and that it would cost a fortune, but in fact it actually saved me money as I got rid of two other feeds and supplements.”

“Troy has been on Mollichaff Condition right through the winter and this spring was the best he has ever looked! My friends have all been asking me what he’s on and I no longer have to reel off a list! It is also so easy to feed and I don’t need to leave lots of complicated feeding instructions at the yard when I am away with work, and best of all, he seems to enjoy it and looks great!”

Said Chris Tar of HorseHage, “The Mollichaff range of complete feeds are fibre-based and offer a much more natural method of feeding compared to cereals. It is important to remember that when feeding a complete feed that it should always be fed at the recommended levels for optimum results.”

MolliChaff Condition