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Julia Paterson’s Latest Blog – The Final Week Before Badminton!

Julia and Marvin in fine form at Burgham a few weeks back (Photo courtesy of Steve Holmes Photography –

Julia and Marvin in fine form at Burgham a few weeks back (Photo courtesy of Steve Holmes Photography –

So since I wrote my last blog what a nightmare we have had!

Our next event should have been Eden Valley but the event was cancelled due to the rain, so we managed to be accepted as a late entry to Breckenborough. We went to Breckenborough but Marvin didn’t seem himself. When he came off the wagon he was very quiet and looked a little dull, which was evident when I jumped on to warm up for the dressage. He just didn’t have any energy, which was so bizarre as he had been fine all week whilst we had been riding out with our friends, Susan McNeil and her lovely old boy, Morph.

I rode the dressage test and he really didn’t get in front of my leg, but I also put this down to my nerves, as I was really feeling the pressure and wondered if my nerves were making him anxious. We came back to the wagon to change our tack ready to show jump and made our way across. All the other horses were flying about, full of the joys of spring, but Marvin wasn’t interested and didn’t make any effort over the practice fences. We were next to go in so I took Marvin to show jump and again, he never got forward and made the course feel really difficult, so I withdrew him there and then.

My vet was at the event so I asked him to check him over. Phillip gave him some vitamin shots to help as he may have picked up a low grade virus and we packed up and went home.

We were due to attend Somerford Park for three days training with Susie Gibson and Laura Grice but as Marvin wasn’t well, I cancelled our trip. £300 lost!

So over the last few weeks it has been nail biting stuff. The only way I can tell if Marvin is feeling unwell or starting to feel better is to be riding him, so we have been just gently hacking out and it has only been recently that he has started to pick up. So we entered Northallerton and dropped a level to BE90 to get a confidence round in before the big event and it was a great day. We did a good dressage test, only one down show jumping and a great confidence-giving cross country round. Albeit Marvin wasn’t feeling as fit as he was a few weeks back, but with a week to go now we will be picking this up and trying to get to Badminton in the best shape we can, so we can just ENJOY the experience…

We have had some final MOT work done with Dean Crossman giving him his annual dental work, and Andy Wheals and Andrea Bainbridge booked in for 1st and 2nd May to check his saddles and give him a physio session so he is feeling as well as he can be…

So now it’s all in the lap of the gods.