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Enoch the Therapy Donkey Retires Age 25!

Over 100 people attended a celebration on 10th June to mark The Donkey Breed Society’s Golden Jubilee and also Enoch the donkey’s retirement at the grand old age of 25, following 17 years of service as a therapy donkey.


Although it didn’t stop raining, the event was a great opportunity to bring donkey enthusiasts together and Enoch’s guests had a wonderful afternoon meeting him and his fellow therapy donkeys. They were able to learn more about the Donkey Breed Society (DBS) and enjoyed Enoch’s scrumptious cake provided by Mollichaff Donkey. The Chair of The DBS, Rosemary Clarke, gave a humorous talk on 50 years of the DBS and Enoch’s foster-owner, Ann Slater, gave a talk about the wonderful work Enoch has done throughout his career and this was followed by the local vicar blessing all the donkeys.

The raffle and silent auction were well-supported as was the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust stand and The Donkey Breed Society’s stand selling donkey-themed merchandise.


Enoch was presented with an eye-catching blue bucket full of donkey treats. The wonderful celebration reunited old friends and new friendships were also formed.

Enoch has just five public appearances to fulfil before he starts his full retirement. He will still be saying hello to school groups visiting Bryndafydd but his days of going out to visit are nearly over. He will be at Carmarthen Park on 17th June meeting children at a community day, followed by Llandarog Show on 24th June, to support the donkey classes which they are running for the first time. On 3rd September he is at The Big Cwtch Family Music Festival and will then be flying the flag for senior donkeys in the Veteran Donkey class at Llansawel Show on 9th September. His final public outing will be at the Lluest Horse & Pony Trust Open Day on 17th September, before his relaxation begins in earnest.

Over his career, Enoch, who is fostered from The Donkey Sanctuary, has touched the lives of thousands of adults and children through his visits to nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, schools and youth projects. He will now hand over the reins to fellow donkeys, Polo and Cariad, and miniature Shetland pony, Robbie, at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy, in Carmarthenshire, Wales, who will continue on with the great work done by the group which is run by Enoch’s dedicated foster-owner, Ann Slater.


Said an emotional Ann: “I will miss working with Enoch but I’m so looking forward to sharing his retirement at home.”

“He’s my best friend and the most special donkey ever.”


The donkeys at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy are all fed on Mollichaff Donkey – a highly palatable, complete feed which is low in sugar, starch and energy and is suitable for donkeys, mules, ponies and horses that are prone to laminitis. When fed at the recommended levels, it needs no further supplementation other than good quality forage, or it can be used as a total forage replacer.

MolliChaff Donkey

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