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Donkey Breed Society’s Golden Jubilee Celebration Special Guest

Enoch the Therapy DonkeyThe Donkey Breed Society will be welcoming a very special guest to its Welsh Members’ Golden Jubilee celebration on the 10th June.

Enoch the therapy donkey will take pride of place at the top table in a final public appearance before his well-earned retirement, having made over 250 therapy visits in his lifetime.

Over 25-years-old, Enoch, who is fostered from The Donkey Sanctuary, has touched the lives of thousands of adults, teenagers and children through visits to hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and youth projects. He currently heads up a team of animals at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy which is sponsored by Mollichaff Donkey – a specialist complete feed formulated for donkeys and produced by HorseHage, the well-known bagged forage manufacturer.

Enoch is now in the process of handing over the reins to fellow donkeys, Polo and Cariad, who will carry on his good work all across Carmarthenshire, West Wales. They will also be assisted by Robbie – a miniature Shetland pony, who is a recent addition to the therapy team, having been rescued from near death by Lluest Horse and Pony Trust. All three equines will now build upon the excellent reputation established by Enoch, enabling him to relax and enjoy his retirement although he will still stay with Ann Slater at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted therapy and continue to greet youngsters taking part in youth projects at their base.

Proud foster owner, Ann, is therefore planning a retirement send-off befitting of this very special donkey.

Commenting on her work with Enoch over the years, she said: “I will miss working with him so much …particularly in very sensitive areas such as ‘end of life visits’ where I’ve been privileged to witness some intensely moving and poignant moments. These have given me great comfort knowing that Enoch has brought such joy to an individual at the end of their life and that really is something very special”.

The Golden Jubilee and retirement celebrations kick off on Saturday 10th June in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire. Attendees will be able to meet Enoch and Polo and learn more about the Donkey Breed Society; The Donkey Sanctuary and Enoch’s therapy work. The afternoon will also include a raffle and the chance to win a fantastic ‘Donkey Experience for Two with Enoch and Friends’ and the opportunity to shop for donkey-inspired gifts and crafts. Enoch will even have a birthday cake sponsored by Mollichaff Donkey (for his human guests, of course!)

The donkeys at Bryndafydd Animal Assisted Therapy are all fed on Mollichaff Donkey – a highly palatable, complete feed which is low in sugar, starch and energy and is suitable for donkeys, mules, ponies and horses that are prone to laminitis. When fed at the recommended levels, it needs no further supplementation other than good quality forage, or it can be used as a total forage replacer.