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The Calming Effect from Mollichaff Complete

Horse owner, Lynn Proctor, found herself in a dilemma with her 17.2hh Irish Sports Horse mare, Snorty.

10-year-old Snorty, who had previously been evented by Lynn’s son before Lyn took up the reins, struggled to keep her weight on throughout the winter. The summer was no problem as there was plenty of grazing.

Snorty’s winter regime saw her turned out during the day and stabled at night and she was fed unlimited, good quality haylage. Lynn had tried Snorty on various feeds including feed balancers but none worked to keep her weight on. Lynn also had Snorty’s teeth and worming regime checked by her vet but this wasn’t the problem.

March 2016 Before

But Lynn knew that Snorty was easily stressed and wondered if that could possibly be the reason for the lack of weight gain.

She had seen our advertising for Mollichaff Calmer Complete and so decided to give our Helpline a call for some advice.

  • Said Lynn: “I spoke to a very helpful lady who was in a very similar situation


  • regarding taking on her daughter’s horse. She listened and asked lots of questions
  • which resulted in her recommending Mollichaff Calmer Complete. She advised me to
  • try it for three months and to report back.



  • Mollichaff Calmer Complete is a fibre-based complete feed which is specially
  • formulated for nervous or excitable horses and ponies. It contains a balanced blend
  • of fibre pellets, oat straw, dried grass, herbs (including camomile, lemon balm and
  • mint), soya oil, vitamins, minerals, limestone and trace elements and it can be used
  • as the sole bucket feed when fed at the recommended levels, alongside good quality
  • forage.


  • March 2017 After

Said a delighted Lynn: “The results have been amazing! Not only has Snorty kept her weight and condition on over the winter but she is much, much calmer now, which means I am able to hack her out and I’m now having coaching sessions on her.”

Snorty After

We are thrilled to hear the great results Lynn has had  with Mollichaff Calmer Complete. Our range of three complete feeds make life so much easier for horse owners, as only one bag of feed is required – no balancers, supplements or other bags of feed – and because it’s a fibre-based feed rather than cereal-based, it’s a much more natural way of feeding your horse.

Mollichaff Calmer Complete