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Tam Thompson’s Final Blog for Mollichaff – January 2017

Amateur rider, Tam Thompson, our first Mollichaff-sponsored rider who won our national competition this time last year, has been providing us with a blog on how she and her horse, Beau, have been getting on in the various disciplines they enjoy along with the ups and downs of the sport. This will be Tam’s last blog for us as her year as our Mollichaff-sponsored rider is almost up. Tam has been a pleasure to work with and has been a great ambassador for our brand and we wish her and Beau every success for the future.


January 2017 – Thank you Mollichaff – you made 2016 special x

It’s our last blog post as Mollichaff Sponsored Amateur, and what a year it’s been.  I expect I would have done some of the things I did without being involved with Mollichaff, but it has amazed me how much having a blog to fill has focused my mind on trying to get out and have experiences that I can share.  The only downside to that is that it would be a shame to slow down with no official blog to write.  So…I am going to carry on and do it just for myself.  It will be here:

You get to the end of the year and think about what you’ve achieved, where you are now compared with where you were then, and it feels as though not much has changed.  Looking back through my blogs, on my 2016 with ponies, shows me though, that actually lots has changed!  I used the bursary to work with some incredibly kind and talented trainers and so my relationship with Beau the legend has gone from strength to strength.  Something as small as just getting on and toddling round the school took forethought and planning this time last year.  Yesterday, I just did it and although the school was frozen so we could only walk, we achieved lots and both me and Grumps came out smiling.  I have also learned lots about my own head, and am going to have to work hard on things like riding as I would at home in dressage tests!

YakponyI need to mention that Beau, Simon’s horse, Parker, and Tory’s horse, Sardra, are doing so well on Mollichaff HoofKind Complete that it’s now our preferred feed – so, Mollichaff, if you got nothing else from my ramblings you got at least three new, loyal customers!

We have had so much fun this year with dressage training, Team Quest, quadrille training and competition, side-saddle, gymkhana games, a spot of jumping, Riding Club camps, Your Horse Live and lots of relaxed hacking.  I am with Churchill (with slight amend) when he said there is nothing so good for the inside of a [wo]man as the outside of a horse.  It’s my spiritual home, and always has been, even though I’ve struggled with confidence and motivation quite a lot over the last few years.  Beau is my therapy.

We also managed to make it to quite a few championships this year which is a first for me, with Tory and Sardra even winning the Veteran National Intro Dressage Championships!  I’ve written about the experiences on the day, it just remains to say how proud I am of Tory, and of myself, and how grateful I am to the patience of ‘megatrainers’ Amanda, Alison, Tracy, Jonathan, Jules and Ginny, and to the support and drive of Tory, Simon and Mrs Whipcracker for making it possible for me to have qualified at all!


Goals: updated for 2017 (NOT resolutions):

  • Dressage:  The main focus is STILL to get 70% in a prelim test unaffiliated !
  • Dressage again:  Having discovered that BD are allowing Team Quest members to compete affiliated at prelim – AND having coughed up for full membership for 2017, I am now aiming for regional festivals at novice – though I am not sure what’s involved in that yet
  • Team Quest:  For 2017 it has to be regionals again for the Cherwell Valley Charlatans
  • Side saddle: An intro dressage test ridden wonky  plus the Sidesaddle Association Novice Show in March
  • Quadrille: Lots of theme ideas already bubbling away for 2017, though unless clubs are allowed two teams this year we may not even be going
  • Jumping: A bit more bimbling about over tidgy XC fences and through water, over banks etc.  Beau is a legend at XC
  • Posh dressage: Tracy to compete with Beau at Elementary – am looking for classes….

If you would like to, you can keep in touch with us with my own blog: and on Twitter: @BeauBayou

Maybe even start your own blog – and see just how far you’ve come…

Much love, and thanks for sticking with us, Tam and Beau x