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Mollichaff Veteran for the Dentally-Challenged!


Many equines, particularly as they get older, have loose or missing teeth and cannot chew long stemmed forage such as hay or haylage. If you notice bits of partially chewed forage dropping from your horse’s mouth or scattered on the floor, this is a tell-tale sign that he is struggling to cope.

Mollichaff Veteran from HorseHage is a high fibre forage mix that has been specially formulated for older horses and ponies but it is also a great product for those that are unable to consume long forage and require a partial hay replacer.

It’s made from chopped ingredients so it is easy to manage and is very palatable too, making it great for fussy feeders.

MolliChaff Veteran

Mollichaff Veteran contains a balanced blend of dried grass, dried alfalfa and high quality oat straw topped with a unique dressing combining linseed and soya oil with a small amount of low sugar molasses and added vitamins and minerals, plant-based antioxidants, biotin, mint, nettle and salt.

Linseed oil is a rich source of amino acids and essential fatty acids including Omega 3. Antioxidants from a plant-based source are included to help combat free radicals and maintain your horse’s health and nettles are naturally high in vitamins and minerals.

Mint contains flavanoids that act to relax the digestive tract and most horses also find the aroma and taste of mint to be particularly appealing; and salt provides two important electrolytes – sodium and chloride. Mollichaff Veteran also contains added limestone to provide additional calcium and biotin for healthy hoof growth.

Said Helen Quirk from Lancashire: “I have a 32-year-old coloured cob called Jo who became unable to eat hay last year due to deteriorating teeth. After a few false starts trying various hay replacers we have settled upon Mollichaff Veteran.”

“Jo munches her way through a large bucket full every night instead of a hay net and has retained condition amazingly throughout the winter months when she is stabled at night. I think the fact that Mollichaff Veteran is cut shorter than many other veteran hay replacers and that the chaff is very soft, allows her to be able to easily chew and swallow it. The addition of mint and nettles helps to make it more tempting and varied – it’s a fabulous product!”

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