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Great Value Complete Feeds from Mollichaff

Mollichaff Complete Feeds

The Mollichaff Complete range offers three fibre-based complete feeds: Mollichaff HoofKind Complete for horses and ponies prone to laminitis; Mollichaff Calmer Complete for nervous or excitable horses and ponies; and Mollichaff Condition Complete for encouraging weight gain and condition.

When fed at the recommended amounts, these complete feeds can be used as the sole bucket feed as they each contain a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement and only require good quality forage to be fed alongside. Being fibre-based feeds rather than cereal-based, they are a much more natural way of feeding.

A fibre-based feed will weigh a lot less than cereal and so the recommended feeding amounts may seem like a lot, but it’s important to ensure your horse or pony is getting the correct amount in order for him to get all the vitamins and minerals he requires.

Because the feed is fibre-based it takes longer to eat and more chewing is required, which is good as the horse is a natural ‘trickle’ feeder. By stimulating the production of saliva and slowing down the passage of food throughout the gut, Mollichaff can help to promote good digestion and will satisfy a stabled horse’s psychological need to chew, requiring up to 8000 chews per kilo to eat compared to as few as 1200 for concentrates.

All three varieties in the Mollichaff Complete range come in a 15kg bag and we have worked out some average weekly feeding costs below. Levels will vary according to the size of your horse and pony, so please consult the table on the reverse of the bag for your horse’s individual requirements.

Cost per week to feed an average 15.2hh, 500kg horse at the recommended level of 2.5kg per day:

Mollichaff Condition Complete (RRP: £10.50 per bag) = £12.25 per week

Mollichaff HoofKind Complete (RRP: £8.50 per bag) = £9.92

Mollichaff Calmer Complete (RRP: £9.00 per bag) = £10.50

So feeding a complete fibre-based feed can work out to be much better value than feeding several different concentrates and vitamin supplements and is also a more natural way to feed your horse or pony. It is also much easier to store a single bag of feed and no shopping list required!