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Debbie Celebrates 30 Years at Mark Westaway & Son

Debbie Harris 30 Years at Horsehage

Debbie Harris, our National Sales Manager for the HorseHage and Mollichaff brands, is celebrating 30 years of working at our head office, Mark Westaway & Son, in Devon.

Debbie began her career with the well-established forage and feed producer back in June 1986 when she was employed as a Sales Promotion Representative by the late Mark Westaway (Senior), the founder of the company and inventor of HorseHage bagged forage.

She was initially attracted to the position because it was a family-run business based in the country and coming from a horsey background, she thought it would be a good combination. She is now responsible for a team of staff and over-sees sales throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

HorseHage is made in the UK by three licenced regional producers – Mark Westaway & Son in Devon; Fox Feeds in Hertfordshire and Friendship Estates in South Yorkshire. The producers also manufacture the Mollichaff range of complete feeds and chaffs.

Said Debbie: “What has kept me here is the products. I believe in each and every one of them as they have evolved. When I started, we had two products – Ryegrass HorseHage and Lucerne and as feeding has changed over the years, I have been involved in developing a range of high fibre products that do what they say on the bag and more recently, the Mollichaff complete feed range.”

“My role has obviously changed a lot. At first I was on the road all the time, visiting potential new stockists and we still have many of them now. I also attended all the shows both in the UK and Ireland. I am now mainly office-based but I do attend some of the events with the HorseHage tradestand team and this is one aspect I really enjoy as it gives me the opportunity to talk face to face with our consumers.”

“As the company has grown, wholesalers have enabled us to get our products into a wider range of outlets, but the biggest change is customer knowledge. Horse owners’ knowledge of feeding is amazing now. They are so much more aware of what they are feeding and why. Technology via the internet and social media has played a huge role in educating the consumer and also allowing us to reach them so much more easily – I love it! Just one click to send an e-shot instead of posting out costly and time-consuming mailshots!”

Said Mark Westaway: “Debbie has played an important role in the development of HorseHage and Mollichaff and we are proud to have such a long-standing member of staff on our team.