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Mollichaff Condition Transforms Monaco Prince!

Monny After

Monny Before

Mollichaff is well-known for high fibre chaffs but the range also features three specialist complete fibre feeds which need no further supplementation other than good quality forage.

Included in this range is Mollichaff Condition – a feed which does exactly what it says – it encourages weight gain and condition in all types of horses and ponies.

Said horse-owner, Samantha Chiappini: “I have had my ex-racehorse, Monaco Prince (Monny), for five years now and when I got him, his coat was dull – even in the first summer – and it wasn’t how I wanted him to look. He was also a little on the thin side. I spoke to my local feed supplier and she suggested Mollichaff Condition as it would not make him excitable but would give him the condition I was looking for.”

“Within a very short time scale you could really see the difference in him. He put on a bit more weight and his coat began to shine. He is now doing well and loves to live out most of the year round and hates coming in!”

MolliChaff Condition“We also own two more horses – another ex-racehorse and also an Irish Draught – both 17.2hh. They are also on Mollichaff Condition and the transformation in their build has been superb. We now have three fabulous looking horses, thanks to Mollichaff Condition. Monny competes regularly in Trailblazers dressage and show jumping and we qualified for the Trailblazers Championships this year in dressage as well as the ROR dressage too. All three horses live out virtually all year as they are very happy to be out. They are rugged correctly and only come inside in extreme weather. None of them have ever dropped weight at any time during the year and their coats are commented on all the time. Mollichaff Condition is the best feed I have come across in 30 years of having horses – they are happy on it and it keeps them well and looking great!

Made from a balanced blend of alfalfa, dried grass, oat straw, fibre pellets, barley, soya flakes, soya oil and mint, Mollichaff Condition also contains Yea-sacc® and a prebiotic to help maintain a healthy digestive system. In addition it contains a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement so it can be fed as a complete concentrate feed, enabling you to cut down your feed shopping list and save some money too!

Monny Jumping