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Nine Out Of Ten Horses Prefer HorseHage!

HorseHage Ryegrass 2013We recently  conducted a survey of horse and pony owners and the findings were impressive.

Our primary research established that 92% of owners in our survey said their horse or pony preferred Ryegrass HorseHage to their usual forage.

The survey also showed that 6% of horses surveyed showed no preference. The majority of the horses and ponies surveyed were usually fed on hay and a small percentage on haylage.

All the owners surveyed rated the quality of HorseHage as very high or high and 100% said they would recommend HorseHage to a friend.

HorseHage dust-free bagged forage is available in four different varieties and comes in a highly compressed bale. It is never re-bagged and does not contain any chemical additives. Because of the fermentation process it goes through in the bag, it is lower in sugar than most hays and the High Fibre and Timothy varieties are suitable to feed to laminitics.

HorseHage is produced with the optimum moisture content for horses of between 35 and 45 percent through strict quality control throughout the production process and has FEMAS NOPS BETA certification which ensures it is manufactured from specifically-grown grass and alfalfa leys with a high regard for feed safety, consistent quality and full product traceability.

It allows you to feed naturally, in the knowledge you are providing your equine friend with a top quality, high fibre product that he/she will relish without any wastage.

For further information please call the HorseHage Helpline on 01803 527257

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Roberta Sheffield to Compete at CPEDI3* in Doha, Qatar

Roberta Sheffield to go to CPEDI3

Our sponsored para-dressage rider, Roberta Sheffield, is to represent Canada at the Al Shaqab CPEDI3*, Doha, Qatar in March.

Roberta (Bert), who is based in the UK, in Lincolnshire, will compete the eight-year-old Anglo European mare, Double Agent (Darcy), owned by Frances Sheffield, in this prestigious invitation-only dressage event. The Donnersohn mare was bred by Suzy Mainprice, who will be accompanying Bert to the event along with Canadian Para-Equestrian National Team Coach, Mary Longden.

Said a delighted Bert, “I am so excited to have been given this amazing opportunity.”

“What a way to start this exciting year. We have been working so hard over the winter to prepare for this coming season. I never dreamt it would start in such a glamorous way. Thank you to the organising committee for inviting me and making this opportunity possible.”

Bert’s dressage horses all enjoy HorseHage dust-free bagged forage.

“I couldn’t manage without HorseHage. I feed both the Alfalfa and Timothy varieties. Its high fibre, low sugar content keeps my horses’ heads in a ‘good place’ while still giving them energy to maintain condition and strength. They love the taste and have a wedge instead of a lunchtime feed. This builds flexibility into their routine so they can be worked morning or early afternoon and when we are away at shows they don’t have to miss a meal as they happily pick at their Alfalfa HorseHage net in the lorry. One of my horses is not a good-doer and quite a fussy eater so it is important to optimise the nutrition he gets in every mouthful, and Alfalfa HorseHage fits the brief perfectly!”

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Millbry Hill Whitehaven Wins National HorseHage Retail Display Competition

Millbry Hill Whitehaven Wins National HorseHage Retail Display Competition

Millbry Hill Country Store at Whitehaven in Cumbria picked up the prize for our national competition for the best in-store/window  display of HorseHage.

Store supervisor, Kaye Stanley, designed and set up the winning display and was presented with the prize – a cheque for £500 – by Karen Howarth from HorseHage.

Kaye, who is based in Sellafield, has worked at the Whitehaven branch of Millbry Hill since it opened six years ago, and is responsible for the marketing and merchandising of the equestrian products in the store. She rides and used to compete in dressage and still has two horses of her own – both veterans – her first pony and an 18-year-old Thoroughbred.

There were entries from all over the UK and the competition was judged by our sales teams from all three regional producers of HorseHage.

Said Debbie Harris, National Sales Manager for HorseHage: “Kaye’s display was a unanimous favourite with us all.”

“As well as being eye-catching, giving our brand maximum exposure in the store, it absolutely promoted the message of fibre providing the horse’s ‘central heating’ during winter and was focused completely around our brand and our point-of-sale items were used very well.”

Said a delighted Kaye: “I really enjoy doing retail displays and the competition was a great incentive.”

“At this time of year, forage and fibre is a good place to start your winter feeding regime and its importance is often overlooked.”

Kaye took part in our free staff training scheme and found out about the competition through Karen, the HorseHage Sales Representative calling in at the store.

Said Kaye: “Some of the money will go back into merchandising…but we did all get a good night out too!”

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Forage Fit for a King!

Mary King and High Fibre HorseHage

We offer four varieties of HorseHage dust-free bagged forage to suit all types of horses and ponies, from a laminitic Shetland to a top, four-star event horse

Both the High Fibre and Timothy options can be safely fed to laminitic horses and ponies as the sugar content can be lower than a lot of hays. These varieties are also ideal for equines that are convalescing, resting or in light work.

Ryegrass HorseHage is a good choice for horses that need a little more from their forage and the Alfalfa variety is suitable for those in very hard work or breeding and young stock.

International event rider, Mary King, understands the importance of good forage and feeds High Fibre HorseHage to her team of event horses.

Said Mary, “I find that HorseHage offers many benefits compared to hay or ordinary haylage – it’s dust-free which is vital for maintaining a healthy respiratory tract and preventing conditions such as RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction).This is especially important when your horse has to be stabled for extended periods of time, as most of mine are, and essential for any horse or pony that competes.”

“HorseHage also contains no chemicals, additives or flavourings and due to the fermentation process that takes place inside the bag, it has a sugar level of 5% or below which is considerably lower than most other forages. I like this variety because it is low in protein, sugar and starch which means you can feed more during the day replicating the horses’ little-and-often method of feeding out in the wild.”

Mary weighs her HorseHage and feeds from a HorseHage Net allowing her to monitor exactly what the horses are having, so that she can adjust the quantity according to their body condition and work load.

Said Mary, “As a rule they have 10lb nets twice daily, but the slimmer horses may get 12lb and the chubbier ones 8lb twice daily, or a 6lb net in the morning and an 8lb one in the evening. This is in addition to the grass they eat when turned out.”

The importance of high quality forage should never be underestimated. Horses have evolved as trickle feeders with a small stomach and very large, bacteria-filled hind gut, designed to contend with an almost continuous supply of grass and associated herbage.  Therefore their dietary requirements should focus on forage, supplemented by hard feed only when necessary (ie. if more energy or more weight gain is required). Your horse’s fitness level should also be assessed before feeding for more energy as 99% of horses lacking in energy (unless under-weight) is due to a schooling problem rather than a feeding one. HorseHage is highly digestible, allowing efficient utilisation of the available nutrients and can potentially enable you to reduce your horse’s hard feed by up to a third.

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Spencer Roe’s Latest Blog

In my last blog I was heading out to Spain for several weeks but before I left I received some exciting news…

BSJA Awards Ball

Spencer Roe - BSJA Awards

At the end of September I received a phone call from the BSJA informing me that I had been nominated for two awards – ‘Leading Rider (21 and under) of the Year’ and ‘Horse and Rider Combination of the Year’. My family were all very excited and keen to go to the ball, so we booked a table and headed over to the Hilton at the Birmingham NEC.

‘Horse and Rider Combination of the Year’ went to Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos who unquestionably deserved it, but I did win ‘Leading Rider (21 and under) of the Year’. As it turns out, I’m not very good at giving acceptance speeches. Put me on a horse and send me to a championship competition and I don’t get nervous, but stick me on a podium and ask me to say a few words and I fall to pieces. Never mind, you can’t be good at everything.

Furusiyya Nations Cup Final

Nations Cup Final Team GB

Nations Cup Final Team GB

The next morning I had to be up early as I was flying out to Barcelona for the Nations Cup Final, my horses having been driven out a few days previous. The first round went well for Wonder Why and I, as we finished with just an unfortunate four faults at the last fence.

Saturday’s final however couldn’t have gone better with us jumping a foot-perfect clear round. In the end The Netherlands won with three brilliant clear rounds, Team GB finished in 6th just behind Germany on time.

Oliva Nova Autumn Tour

SPENCER RoeFrom Barcelona I headed down to Oliva Nova, which is just below Valencia for their Autumn Tour. Having come straight from the final, I was a week early but the show very kindly let me stable anyway. It was the closest I’ve had to a holiday this year and Ballando II especially enjoyed being exercised on the beach. Alas we had to get back to work when the show started though.

We had a really good show with placings throughout the tour; Ballando II came 6th in the first week’s Grand Prix and Wonder Why had a great finish to the show, coming 2nd in the Gold Tour Grand Prix on the last day. Thank you to the show organisers and the stable manager who were very helpful to us the entire show, we will definitely be back next year.

Stuttgart German Masters

Stuttgart was a show of firsts for my horses and I. It was our first indoor show of the year and I was pleased with how well my horses went on the whole. Ballando II moved up a stage and is now jumping bigger tracks. He coped with it well until we came to the 1.70m Joker in the Accumulator, I must have had more confidence than he did as it was only me that landed on the other side of the fence!

Wonder Why and I both competed in our first ever World Cup competition, we had and unlucky couple of fences down but I was pleased with how he went. At least it was a British win though, as my friend and GB teammate, Will Whitaker, won the class – Congratulations Will!

Next Time…

Now I am back home in the UK and looking forward to the London International Horse Show at Olympia. This will be the first time I have competed there in the international classes, as I have only ever done the Under 23 Young Rider Competition. I’ll let you know how I got on next time.

Merry Christmas!


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