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Less Stress with Mollichaff Calmer

Minerals, and in particular, magnesium,  play a vital role in the diet of the horse, helping to maintain a normal blood sugar level and improving the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Magnesium is also important for the general growth and repair of tissue and assists with blood circulation and transmission of nerve impulses. In the spring when the growth is lush, grass can have an increased sugar content due to its fast growth, but this often means that it is deficient in minerals, including magnesium. This in turn can lead to a magnesium deficiency in the horse’s diet. The result of this is very often a fresh, excitable horse and that is when many owners turn to a calming supplement or feed.

Of course there can be many other reasons for a fizzy, tense horse and it is important to try and find out why so make sure you analyse your horse’s diet and exercise routine too. If your horse just has a nervous temperament, patience and a quiet atmosphere can help too. If you think your horse may have a magnesium deficiency, ask your vet to take a blood sample to check it out.

An alternative to an expensive calming supplement is a complete fibre feed such as Mollichaff Calmer. It contains a balanced blend of fibre pellets, oat straw, dried grass, herbs, soya oil, vitamins, minerals, limestone and trace elements, and it can be used as the sole bucket feed. It is suitable for all horses and ponies, including laminitics, as it is low in sugar and starch providing limited controlled energy from high quality, digestible fibre and oil-based ingredients.

In Mollichaff Calmer we have included elevated levels of Magnesium along with a carefully formulated combination of camomile, lemon balm and mint, to help relax your horse. It also contains Vitamins B1 and B12 which are known to help decrease anxiety by exerting a calming influence on the horse.

MolliChaff Calmer

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Helen West Gets New Ride on Eebay

HorseHage-sponsored rider, Helen West, is to take over the ride of the Dutch-bred gelding, Eebay, from owner, Sophie Stockdale, who purchased the seven-year-old from event rider, Lucy Wiegersma 18 months ago.

Said owner Sophie: “Lucy said she had a horse with a huge jump for sale – we went to try him and bought him and took him home that day!”

Devon-based event rider,Helen, took over the ride for Sophie in September and will be aiming him for second round show-jumping qualifiers for the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) at Newcomers and Foxhunter level next summer.

Said Helen: “Eebay is not the easiest horse to ride, but we seem to have bonded well and he has a seriously scopey jump. He has had all double clears this season and I look forward to taking him further next year.”


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Spencer Roe’s Blog – September

Spencer competing at the Alltech World Equestrian Games

Spencer competing at the Alltech World Equestrian Games

Welcome to the first of our regular blogs from our newest sponsored rider, Spencer Roe:
“Now I am part of the HorseHage team, I have been asked to write a blog introducing myself and keeping you up to date with my career in showjumping.

So to start, I am a 21-year-old show-jumper based in Lincolnshire, currently ranked number 20 in the UK. I have been part of Team GB for the last three years with my top horse, Wonder Why, but my career has really taken off in the last five months.

Representing Team GB
“It started with being chosen to represent Great Britain in my first 5* Nations Cup in St Gallen, Switzerland last May. To be chosen to represent my country was a great honour, but to win at my debut Nations Cup at that level was unbelievable! Wonder Why jumped two amazing rounds, just picking up one time fault in each round.

On the back of that win, we were then picked for the teams for Rotterdam, Netherlands and Falsterbo, Sweden; where the team was 4th and 6th respectively.

Dublin Horse Show
“Our next big adventure was the Nations Cup in Dublin.  By this time it was looking bleak for Team GB as we were close to being relegated from Division One. Rob Hoekstra had brought out his big guns: World No.1 Scott Brash, World No. 3 Ben Maher, World No. 61 Joe Clee and me…World No. 320. The pressure was on; we needed the win!

By the end of the first round we were in joint first with the Netherlands on 0; with Scott, Joe and I having gone clear and Ben having had an unfortunate four faults. I was third to go in the second round, with Ben and Joe both having four faults, the team needed a clear. As I waited to jump I was nervous, but as soon as I started jumping I forgot everything else and just focused on the course. Wonder Why jumped incredibly, mirroring our clear from the first round.

Between us we managed to gain second place, which as first place went to the USA, we took the 100 points we needed, qualified for the Nations Cup Final and remained in Division One. Job done!

The World Equestrian Games
“At the start of this year if someone had told me I’d be competing at the World Equestrian Games, I wouldn’t have believed them. I’m still pinching myself now!

Being chosen to represent my country at championship level was a great honour and even though we didn’t qualify for Rio, I am still grateful for the chance Rob Hoekstra gave me and experience I gained.

What’s next?
“Next month I will be off to Barcelona for the Nations Cup Final. I’ll also be taking a couple of my younger horses, as I will be staying in Spain for a month and going to shows in Vilamoura and Oliva. So I’ll be writing my next blog from there, hopefully I’ll be able to bring you some good news from the final.”

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Complete Fibre-based Feeds From Mollichaff

MolliChaff Complete Feeds

Are you fed up of having to purchase several bags of different feed and supplements in order to feed your equine friend? Why not try a complete feed from Mollichaff and save time and money?

In addition to the well-known chaff range, Mollichaff also produces three specialist ‘complete’ fibre-based feeds – Mollichaff Calmer (for nervous or fizzy equines), Mollichaff Condition (for added weight and condition/poor doers) and Mollichaff HoofKind (for laminitics/good doers/ equines convalescing or resting).

The word ‘complete’ is used to denote that these feeds contain a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, which means that when fed at the recommended amounts, no further concentrate feed is required – just good quality forage. So you have no need to purchase further bags of feed or expensive supplements as everything your horse or pony needs is in one bag!

Unlike many complete feeds on the market, ours are fibre-based, which is a more natural way of feeding compared to a cereal-based diet. Horses have evolved to utilise a high fibre diet, using bacterial fermentation in a highly developed large intestine. Low levels of fibre, or poor quality fibre in the diet put horses at serious risk of problems such as colic and gastric ulcers.

We also produce a complete feed for donkeys – Mollichaff Donkey.

Free Product Training For HorseHage & Mollichaff Stockists!

Staff Training Certificate and Feed Advisor shirt

Calling all HorseHage and Mollichaff Stockists! Did you know we offer a free product training scheme for outlets selling HorseHage and Mollichaff products and we have recently updated the programme.

The HorseHage & Mollichaff Stockist Training Programme, which is available to all HorseHage and Mollichaff stockists, allows members of staff to expand and refresh their knowledge of the whole HorseHage and Mollichaff range, providing them with the information they require to answer customers’ product and feed enquiries. All retailers completing the training questionnaires correctly will receive a free framed certificate and a HorseHage and Mollichaff branded ‘Feed Adviser ‘polo shirt

If you or your staff would like to participate, please click on the ‘Contact’ tab to access the Trade Page. There are four pages to the scheme which can be downloaded, printed off, completed and forwarded to your licensed HorseHage producer for assessment.

Our equine feed advisors are also on hand to give expert advice on feeding to both stockists and consumers – just call our Helpline on 01803 527257.

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