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Millbry Hill Whitehaven Wins National HorseHage Retail Display Competition

Millbry Hill Whitehaven Wins National HorseHage Retail Display Competition

Millbry Hill Country Store at Whitehaven in Cumbria picked up the prize for our national competition for the best in-store/window  display of HorseHage.

Store supervisor, Kaye Stanley, designed and set up the winning display and was presented with the prize – a cheque for £500 – by Karen Howarth from HorseHage.

Kaye, who is based in Sellafield, has worked at the Whitehaven branch of Millbry Hill since it opened six years ago, and is responsible for the marketing and merchandising of the equestrian products in the store. She rides and used to compete in dressage and still has two horses of her own – both veterans – her first pony and an 18-year-old Thoroughbred.

There were entries from all over the UK and the competition was judged by our sales teams from all three regional producers of HorseHage.

Said Debbie Harris, National Sales Manager for HorseHage: “Kaye’s display was a unanimous favourite with us all.”

“As well as being eye-catching, giving our brand maximum exposure in the store, it absolutely promoted the message of fibre providing the horse’s ‘central heating’ during winter and was focused completely around our brand and our point-of-sale items were used very well.”

Said a delighted Kaye: “I really enjoy doing retail displays and the competition was a great incentive.”

“At this time of year, forage and fibre is a good place to start your winter feeding regime and its importance is often overlooked.”

Kaye took part in our free staff training scheme and found out about the competition through Karen, the HorseHage Sales Representative calling in at the store.

Said Kaye: “Some of the money will go back into merchandising…but we did all get a good night out too!”